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Belize – Trip Report – PART ONE

A lot of the time when people write about travel they mostly write about what happens while you are there, the amazing sites, people etc. There isn’t always a ton of cost breakdown or talk of logistics so I’ve decided to do a few posts on our trip to Belize. For longer trips I really like just going and seeing what happens and where you end up. Some trips require a lot more planning and this was one of them – we had 9 days to fit it all in!
These posts won’t be so much about the amazing time we had but about the logistics and cost of everything – so that others can see how easy and inexpensive it can be. We were on a moderate budget and stayed in mid-range hotels, ate at nice restaurants every meal and didn’t limit our excursions so our costs are actually pretty high. You could do this trip for less than half of what we paid if you stayed in hostels, made your own meal once or twice a day, and limited the excursions.

Waterfront on Caye Caulker. Image Credit W. Auxillou

We booked our flights after finding a deal on yycdeals.com (a Calgary specific flight deal site) but you can keep your eyes open for deals year round. Our flights were $490 USD each, round trip, with layovers in Houston. Most of the amounts in this post are in Belize currency: $1 US = $2 Belize (BZ).

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