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Drastically Dysfunctional

You know how people jokingly say that they’re such a dysfunctional couple? I met the most dysfunctional couple on earth on Saturday night.

See, Frenchie, her husband PA, and I went to a Halloween party at a friends house who I haven’t seen in over a year. She’s this fabulous artsy girl who takes lessons in things like Hula Hooping and Salsa Dancing. She made her own costume, a unicorn, which consisted of a skintight leotard, a tail, horn etc. it was super cute.

We were having a good time once the initial awkwardness that you inevitably feel at a social gathering where you know exactly 4 people wore off. Everyone was really friendly and lots of people didn’t know each other so it was nice.

One girl (she was dressed as a school girl so that’s her name now) came and sat by Frenchie and I, chatting for about ten minutes. When she left Frenchie turned to me and said: “That chick had her boob pressed up against me that whole time,” we giggled a little and forgot about it.

Later on, school-girl was sitting on James Bond’s lap, holding his hand and everything so we figured they were a couple. That was until two seconds later she jumped up and grabbed the Mormon’s hand and started slow dancing all sexy with him.

We were very confused but thought “maybe she’s just friendly”

Outside Frenchie and PA were giving each other a hard time because PA is the one who cares about details – for their wedding he took care of figuring out decorations and food while she basically rolled her eyes at him. Someone called them dysfunctional and that’s when it came out.

Bond says: “well, my wife is in there making out with the Mormon!”

Wait, what?

Then the clincher: later on James Bond tells us he’s gay. Okay guys, you win.

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