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I’m Not That Technologically-Impaired

Ok guess what? I figured out how to make a video blog – I know, right? I have a feeling it may be too late for the 20sb Official Vlog Thingy but oh well.

Here it is:

Sorry about the shitty quality – this is my first foray into the world of Video-Blogging

Oh yes, I’m also supposed to answer some questions:

Hypothetically, if I wrote a book about my life so far, I would call the first Chapter:

“You Did What?!” Pretty self explanatory

As for the most recent Chapter it would be called “Quarter Life Crisis’ and Other Fun Times”

Aaaand for a story about me: see the post below!!

Does anyone know how I get the actual video on here instead of the stupid linky-thingy?


Update: Mmmkay so my sisters fabulous husband showed me how to upload it to my blog, holy hell was this a lot of work – so next time I’ll be a pro…or sit in a corner crying while all the other kids point and laugh. Either way.

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