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How Travel Agents Get Their Rocks Off

Ahhh!! I never Squee but I feel like squeee-ing because I did it! I booked my flight to Bloggers in Sin City! I had to change my travel dates (I arrive on Wednesday – anyone else be there yet? I also don’t leave until Monday night – after the party there’s the AFTER party baby) because I’m broke/cheap.

I want as much cash for being there as possible and for the extra 2 nights I can stay at my Dad’s place down there for free so it just saves me money all around.

The other problem is the crazy, fly around the entire US of A flight path that these people put me on.

I’m pretty sure they were laughing at me as they booked it.

See, the way there isn’t SO bad. I mean Calgary to Salt Lake City to San Francisco to Vegas.


Ok, it takes about 7 hours total travel time and 3 plane changes:

Can we say large carry-on and no checked baggage?

On the way home?

Yeah, this is priceless. I mean Wow.

Just Wow:

Yep, they have me flying from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale to Houston and back to Calgary.

14 hours travel time and 3 MORE plane changes in the most random places ever!

It cost me less then $500 and NOW? Now I know why.

Oh well, the extra $400 I would have spent on direct or less ridiculous flights is now going towards booze.

You’re Welcome!

I Need Some Talavera Too

I was featured on the Bloggers in Sin-City page yesterday!

Now if I can find a fantastic deal on a flight I’ll be thrilled, any suggestions?!

I’ll have to visit my favorite souvenir shop while I’m down there…I’m getting low on dead cows

My New Hometown?

So I went to Vegas once when I was like ten, with my older sister, my uncle, his girlfriend and her daughter. We had a great time and all but ya, remember the part about how I was ten?

Then last May Tits McGee and I had to change our travel plans from Mexico to Vegas (remember the whole swine flu thing? Ya, our flights were canceled). We had a ridiculously awesome time the whole 8 days that we were there. We’re crazy like that.

Okay, so then my dad bought a place there after my parents got divorced last year. Real Estate is cheap. He bought my sisters and I tickets to come visit him in February and we had a really amazing time being touristy (Hoover Dam) and acting like locals (“psshhh the strip”) down there.

Now, there’s a blog-meet-up in Vegas in May and I’m pretty sure I’m going. I know it’ll be a fan-freaking-tastic time, and although I haven’t been blogging lately, this gives me as good a reason as any to start again, get reacquainted with the old crew and meet some new ones.

This means I’ll have gone to Vegas 3 times in ONE year though. Am I that crazy?

I think we all know the answer to that.

♦♣♥♠ Vegas Baby ♦♣♥♠

As I said last post, I’m heading to Vegas in exactly 2 weeks and am uber thrilled about it. My girlfriend recently broke up with her boyfriend and needs a vacation like nobodies business. I just need a vacation in general!

We are staying at Mandalay Bay and planning to take it easy a few days – just beaching it and being water babies. I really want to do a Grand Canyon tour but haven’t found anything reasonably priced yet. We also want to do some shopping (hello outlet stores? I want some choos!)

We’re also trying to figure out what else to do (probably a Cirque du Soliel – maybe O?) and what clubs are fab down there.

I’d really like to play poker as well. O was thinking of entering in a tourny but one of my friends (who plays down there all the time) says that they are loose tourists playing and it turns into shitty luck-only poker. I would want to play with people who are a bit more serious but not lose major coin with the high-rollers. Maybe cash games instead?

Does anyone have extensive Vegas experience or tips/advice based on your travels?

In other exciting news, I have lost 11 pound in just under three weeks – I’m tracking it on my other blog: Alice’s Appetence along with recipes etc. if anyone is interested!

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