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My BiSC-tory (Like History, Only Better)

This is likely the first of a few posts about the weekend. I have so many things to say, but I’m the actual busiest ever right now – I have three Annual General Meetings for my Councils in the next 2 weeks at work, and at school I have an exam and 3 papers due this week alone.

That being said, I hope I can recap Bloggers in Sin City (#BiSC) in all its gloriousness. I hope I can properly explain that this year was the actual best year I’ve been to #BiSC and that I felt love, so much love, the entire weekend.

But first, some back story: my BiSC-tory! Continue reading →

Things I Would Tell My 20 Year Old Self

This is a guest post I wrote for Simone over at SkinnyDip. To see the original, complete with Simone’s commentary click here. For Simone’s whole series of “Things I Would Tell My 20 Year Old Self” click here – prepare to spend the next 2 hours reading!


I remember when I was twenty and 30 seemed so far away. Now, my 29th birthday is rapidly approaching (less than a month away!) and I actually feel really good about it. I was so lost when I was twenty; just thinking about it makes me shake my head. I wish I could sit myself down and give myself a stern talking to, here’s what I needed to hear:

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Paradise Hunter

Aka: my DREAM job!

I just found out about this competition and it’s absolutely freaking perfect! It’s to be the host of a travel show called Paradise Hunter. The cut-off for applying is today and since I only just found out about it, I submitted my video yesterday – eep!

I need your help – please click the link, watch my video and vote for me! You can vote once a day for the next week and since I’m really late applying, I need all the help I can get:

This would be the most amazing thing ever, so c’mon click through and vote!

PS – you don’t have to put your name and email address in, just the verification code and hit vote. Thanks everyone!

Blog Swap!

She sews! She cooks! She makes beautiful quilts!

Today is the 20sb Blog-swap so my post will be at Pamela’s page, My Domestic Life, and hers is below!

The best thing about being a blogger.

Hi to everyone reading Alice’s blog!

I’m Pamela and I’m swapping blogs with Alice today. A little bit about me…I live in Southern Arizona where it is nice and warm right now, unlike the picture in Alice’s last post! I am 24 years old and I’m getting married in 17 days!

I started blogging on livejournal when I first went to college in 2003. I was pretty regular about posting and I pretty much just wrote whatever came to my mind. I just went back and read some of my earliest entries and I don’t really remember much of what was going on at the time. My first post ever was a link to a two carat platinum diamond ring and I say I feel sorry for whoever marries me. That pretty much sums me up! I like sparkalies!

In the last couple of years, I haven’t been very regular about posting and “real life” has gotten in the way of things, but this year, I decided I was going to get into it again. I enjoy writing about the mundane events of daily life and I like seeing that there are other people who are going through the same things I’m going through.

The best thing about being a blogger is that there is no pressure to write anything in particular. People can read it or not and it doesn’t make a difference to me. I enjoy being able to post a little update about my garden or singing my arm hair off while using the stove. The fun thing is that there are other people out there—sometimes on the other side of the world who are struggling with finding purpose in life, finding a career after college, getting married and figuring out who they are. I enjoy reading their blogs and I hope to put together a blog that other people enjoy reading and can relate to.

I have “met” some interesting people through my blog who have opened my eyes to different locations and cultures than I am exposed to here. When I post regularly, they are there and when I take a break and come back, they are still there. Other bloggers are always supportive and the community is always friendly.

So, the best thing about being a blogger is that the online community is always there and I can come and go as a please. I get to know people from all over the world and it is just fun!

Danger! Been So Long (sing it!)

Wow so I’ve been away from this here blogosphere for a million and a half years. Sorry for not reading/writing anything in the past mmm…2 months?! It’s been busy and crazy and I feel like all I do lately is work. Not a whole lot of inspiration for posts there right now, unfortunately.

Let’s see…updates?

  • My father has settled onto his new place with his bro and fam. It’s actually been really nice because when I see either of my parents they are both in much better moods then when they were together. As strange as it all still is, I just know it’s best this way for EVERYONE involved. Thank baby Jebus for small miracles
  • I was supposed to go to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) for a week at the end of this month. Ya so that’s not gonna happen. Even if we still wanted to go all of the flights are canceled and we’re SOL. I feel really sorry for anyone who was planning a wedding down there at this time – yikes!
  • Two of my very good friends have gone through major relationship trauma lately. One of them found out that her fiance had been dating another girl for a few months. Awesome.
  • Another of my good friends’ boyfriends decided to break up with her after NINE years, on her birthday, via text message. Yup, that’s as scummy as they come. Oh wait, he also called her a cunt and told her to move all her “shit” out in a nice voicemail he left her that day. She can’t even get half the house because he hadn’t gotten around to switching it into his name from his Aunt.
  • All of which pretty much makes me glad I’m single right now. That guy I was seeing for a bit? Ya, he turned weird. He got kind of needy and expected me to just go wherever he was. He would get really whiny if I was tired and just wanted to stay home or if I was working and didn’t feel like going out afterwards. Especially when the text messages I’d get were simply: “@ Melrose[bar]” when we had never discussed meeting that night. Sorry, not giving up my life to tag along with you or just coming when you text like a little puppy.
  • I had my 25th birthday a few weeks ago. I’m not really sure why this birthday feels the worst so far but I actually feel like I have no excuse to get drunk and make bad decisions. Le sigh. Doesn’t mean I won’t still do that but hey, now I get to feel guilty about it! Cheers!
  • Instead of Mexico, my girlfriend and I are heading to Vegas! I haven’t actually ever been there (unless you count when I was 8 – which I don’t really) so I’m very excited. We’re staying at Mandalay Bay for 5 nights – it’s going to be a Gong show!

So there’s my life in a nutshell – hopefully I’ll get my act together here soon and be able to write more. All this working and making money is really starting to hinder my artistic side.

Because We Needed Another Reason to Dislike Nickleback

It’s been a celebrity filled year up here in Average-Land. First we had the Trailer Park Boys in January, then Tori and Dean, later that same week we had the choreographer from Dancing With the Stars – Jean Luc Godard and yesterday we had two of the members of Nickleback.

Do you people in the States get subjected to these guys? If so, I’m very sorry – they actually stemmed from Alberta (in a small town butt-f*ck nowhere, but still Alberta) so I do apologize and I promise not all bands here are that repetitive or shitty.

Sure they had a good start, a few catchy tunes, but then their music started going downhill faster then my last relationship (and that’s fast). There’s a radio station in Calgary that actually has a No Nickleback Guarantee, and they stand by it proudly.

Last night after they played in Calgary, two of the guys came in and were sitting at the bar. I don’t know if they expected special treatment (they did) but we were super busy with the post concert and post music society concert rush. I got about 8 large tables in all at once and my bartender probably got 5 and he had to make all the drinks.

The two Nickleback guys were with another guy who has been into our restaurant before. He’s the one who told us who these guys were. After Bartender served them each a few drinks it was dying down and we were thinking about doing last call. Most of my tables were finishing up. Nickleback dudes asked Bartender for a couple more drinks and because they were friendly enough, Bartender gave them each a shot as well.

So last call is over, these guys have three double rye Pepsi’s each in front of them and they go outside for a smoke. We see them go into the hotel lobby across the street and head into the lobby bar. Bartender heads over there to see what they’re doing and tells them they’ve still have to come back and pay their tab. They promise they’ll be right back over.

We leave their drinks at the bar and finish everything else up. By now it’s been over half an hour and Bartender sees them outside smoking by the hotel (none of these guys was the lead singer btw – apparently he’s not a douche says our friend who has partied with him before). Bartender heads over to the tallest one and says:

BT: “Listen man I need to do my cashout and close up here”
NB: “Oh ya for sure man, you need to get shit done. How much is the tab?”
BT: “it’s at $115 bucks”
NB (as he pulls out a wad of cash): “Here you go man, thanks a lot” (hands BT $120)
BT: “Really?”
NB: “Ya man it’s all yours. Great job man”
BT: “Really?! 5 bucks, really?” he shakes his head and comes back to the restaurant. Right before he gets inside he says to the guy “I hooked you guys up and you’re giving me five dollars? Really?”

Basically Bartender had to serve them past last call, gave them free shots, had to chase them down twice, and got a super shitty tip when they finally paid.

So we drank their untouched rye’s.

A Very Special Award

Matt, I was just saving this one for you:

Two Posts & A Baby

Just kidding – there;s no baby – Tricked you !!

Guys, seriously it’s TUESDAY night and here I am – drunk. It’s my friends birthday and I had to down a bottle of wine before going out because I’m cheap amd don’t want to spend money.

I also have a funny story about a gay guy hitting on me – seriously, it was awesome. Best. Compliment. Ever. Remind me to tell you or I’ll totally forget. I’m awkward like that.

Anyway, this is the second drink blog in under a week – that spells bad news (or good times??) so I thin k really i should not get on the compurter after drinking a bottle to myself. I refuse to spell check this although it may break my heart reasindg (errm reading) it tomorrow and seeing how absol;utely awful I am at drunk typing. I always double (triple) chjeck but I won’t allow it this time. (Must. Not. Change. Words.)

I just re-read this and am appalled at my spelling but such is life. Time to go par-tay with the drunk idiots now. I mean that in the nicest way possible – uI love therm, seriously.

Okay Rambkler McTalksALot – I’m out.

Drum Roll Please

This post is long overdue because I’m behind on everything and also, lazy.

I received a few wonderful awards – I love these things, they pretty up your page and make you feel good about yourself. We all need some love in February I think.

The first two are from the fabulous, brilliant Tova over at The Secret Life of Tova Darling. I love that girl, her Totally Awkward Tuesday posts always make me giggle because I’m an especially awkward person too.

Alright so this one is the “Premio Dardos” award which I guess means Darts Award:

“This award acknowledges the values that every Blogger displays in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values with each message they write. Awards like this have been created with the intention of promoting community among Bloggers. It’s a way to show appreciation and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.”

Next up, the Friends (?) Award (I only won this because I knew what the hell the description meant by self-aggrandizement):

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to three bloggers who must choose three more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

I especially like the part about how cleverly written the caption is. Whoever wrote that sure loves themselves. Awesome.

Last but not least, the talented and gorgeous LipSmacker from Lipstick Diaries gave me this award eons ago, and I sort of dropped the ball but I love it!

So thank you ladies, you’re awesome!

The first award I’d like to give to the clever and always captivating Errant Gosling who lives in his Aerie; the ever witty Ben, who has so many awards he’ll need a new shelf soon (and he deserves every one) over at No Ordinary Rollercoaster; and the sarcastic, lovable BeckEye at The Pop Eye

The second award I think should go to Alice over at Alice’s Wonderland (because great minds really do think alike), the adorable Angela at My Quiet Testimony, and the hilarious Paula at *Insert My Blog Name Here*

The third award I’d like to pass along to Miss D over at Shallow and Very, Very Single, the fabulous MegKathleen at Golightly, and the amazing Chele (and her alter ego Laila) at The Tambourine Queen.

Drunk Bloggingh

The worst part og that title is that i was trying to be clevr and say blunk drogging but messed up and put it thr right way instead. I only know I’m drunk. Sleep time

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