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My BiSC-tory (Like History, Only Better)

This is likely the first of a few posts about the weekend. I have so many things to say, but I’m the actual busiest ever right now – I have three Annual General Meetings for my Councils in the next 2 weeks at work, and at school I have an exam and 3 papers due this week alone.

That being said, I hope I can recap Bloggers in Sin City (#BiSC) in all its gloriousness. I hope I can properly explain that this year was the actual best year I’ve been to #BiSC and that I felt love, so much love, the entire weekend.

But first, some back story: my BiSC-tory! Continue reading →

I’m an Idiot

Like we needed more proof right?

So I come to this here neglected weblog, and sigh a sigh of discontentment. Still 5 comments?? I know I haven’t written in a while but after 6 months you’d think a few measly people would have had at least something to say, right?

Ya turns out they did. I’m just dumb and somehow missed the part where you have to approve new comments?! And sitting patiently, waiting to be approved, were over 50 comments. Most of them pertained to how to make money quick, some sort of Chinese-type writing and how to buy the best blue cheese (what?) but there were a few from actual IRL readers. So anyway, you’re approved!

Not nearly as excited (or wallet-draining) as being approved for a mortgage but hey, it’s something.

In more exciting news I’m in the very last week of my CELTA program. Yes, I actually have moved back home (yeah, there’s a few stories I’ll be saving for Slit-Your-Wrist-Sundays) but it’s been mostly not too bad. I have become a hermit living sequestered in the dark confines of my room.


Sort of.

The course itself is amazing. Amazing, hard, fun, interesting, stressful, informative and nerve-racking.

I’m really not looking forward to going back to being a waitress. Le Sigh. Although, seeing as how I saved the $2500 for the course in about a month, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to save a ton of money before I leave for Central America in the fall.

PS – who lives along the West coast? You’ll be getting a visit from me. I’m planning on driving down so get those couches ready.

I’m fun, I swear!

Anyhow, I’m done my course at the end of the week and am planning a big trip to Edmonton to celebrate (for those of you who don’t know, going to Edmonton to celebrate is like doing something really un-fun to…uh…celebrate. I suck at analogies today. My brain hurts.)

I’ll have lots of time and lots of stories once I get back…

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