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The Health Food Store, Chia (Pets?) and Birdseed

You guys. I went to the health food store yesterday and it was so overwhelming. I mean, I eat fairly healthy most of the time (although I tend to eat way too much bread for someone doing a low-carb diet). Since starting Nicole’s Sugar Detox, I’ve realized that bread is a comfort food for me and a LOT of the time I just need a glass of water while I try to find something healthier.

So when Laura posted this recipe for the “Life-Changing Bread” on our little detox Facebook group,  I decided to give it a shot.

(Please ignore the strange Italian man’s head. I inherited him from my Grandma who passed away last month and I’m not really sure where to put him…)

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Baking FAIL

I’m generally a good cook. I don’t necessarily need a recipe and if I see something on TV or in a restaurant I can imitate it pretty well. However, baking isn’t my forte – unless it comes from a box or has very precise instructions.

For example, I once tried to make a meringue of sorts and was busily beating my egg whites to a frothy texture. The recipe said to use cream of tartar to “stabilize the egg” and give it a better, firmer texture (that’s what she said). I didn’t have any so I thought “cream of tartar, tartar sauce; po-tay-to po-tah-to”.


The other day I saw a recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese. I was in the mood for something warm and comforting – like grilled cheese and tomato soup or mom’s meatloaf or dad’s chili. I went down to the store and bought all the required ingredients that I didn’t already (think) I had at home.

The recipe for the sauce is basically melted butter, add flour and brown it, throw some evaporated milk, a ton of sharp cheddar, swiss etc., some mustard powder, salt and nutmeg. Sounds delicious, no? So here I am slaving away (not caring that the recipe apparently feeds an army).

The sauce tasted awesome, but there was something off about it that I just couldn’t put my finger on. I threw the pasta in, mixed it all up and put it in the oven after topping it with some homemade bread crumbs (parmesan, crumbled bread and butter).

After it was done baking I helped myself to a bowl, trying to think of what the ingredient was that tasted a bit strange. Suddenly I realized that I had mixed up my container of flour for my container of…icing sugar.


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