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Getting Rid of Junk

So, for some reason I started to feel all Spring-cleany yesterday, which is a really good thing because I haven’t done a thorough clean since I moved in, in January. Meaning I’ve been living out of suitcases – one with shirts, one with skirts and one with random junk all thrown in together.

Because I’m organized like that

Then I realized I need my suitcase next week, and thus began my maniacal cleaning. I think I did at least 8 loads of laundry – the plus side being that I finally cleaned out my closet and the clothes that I never wear will finally get a new home.

Of course I still have entirely too many clothes but I went from having two normal sized closets at my old place, to having one small-ish closet here so I had to be creative with where I put my clothes.

My main closet holds my dresses and the jeans/pants that I opted to keep.

I have skirts in the front entrance closet and all my jackets and blouses, skirt suits and blazers at the back door, like where guests are supposed to hang their shiz.

Luckily I found this wire rack that manages to hold my sweaters well (note my makeshift bookshelf beside it – that’s because I use my actual bookshelves for an entirely different purpose):

I’m going to have to either give these all away or plan on letting them collect dust, I don’t think I’ll need a hundred sweaters in Costa Rica.

Do you ever go through your closet and have a conversation that goes somewhat like this?:

“Self, do you really need to keep this {random article of clothing} that you haven’t worn since {like seriously sometimes High School which is 8 YEARS ago}”

“But self! Wouldn’t it be perfect for {some dumb thing that happens once a year}?!”

Then you throw it back in the closet, never to be worn or even thought of until the next time you try to clean your closet. Well this time I said “Eff it! If I haven’t worn it in a year, I’m giving it away.”

And this is what I ended up putting in the donation pile:

Well actually, these are just the jeans and pants.

I also threw out 12 pairs of old shoes, they were all old and in a state of disrepair, but it was still sad.

And speaking of shoes, here’s what I use my bookshelves for:

I love me some shoes

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