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Where to Meet Men (Part 2)

So last time I wrote about where to meet men, lots of you had some great ideas, therefore I’ve decided to do Part Two. Again, I haven’t actually tried any of these, (that’s a lie) nor did any of my last ideas pan out, but hey, what the hell right?

1. On a Blog

– Pros:
Any guy you meet on your or someone else’ blog can obviously read
He’s gotta have a sense of humor to be a blogger
He’ll already know how you think and all your “secret” thoughts

– Cons
He’ll most likely live hundreds of miles away at the very least
You can’t hide anything from him

2. At the Bar

– Pros
He’ll probably be just as drunk as you (thereby eliminating any embarrassing things you do)
He obviously likes to party and have a good time
You’ll definitely get some action

– Cons
[see Pros]

3. Chamber of Commerce

– Pros
Either owns his own business or is high enough up in his company that he makes important decisions
You get to go to all sorts of fun! networking events

– Cons
Distinct possibility of being involved in some sort of tie choking accident
He’s probably old enough to be your father

4. Culinary School

– Pros
Can obviously whip up an awesome meal
Has the possibility of being on his own show (famous by association y’all)
Will forever be entertaining guests with endless deliciousness

– Cons
Probably has dark brooding temper and moments of sheer rage
May be so tired from cooking all day he won’t want to cook you food
Might earn less then the homeless man down the street

Alright, I’m off to test these theories out once again (for the good of all womankind). I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes

Of Men and Mice

Okay so really just of men, but hey, semantics right?

So I figured out the perfect places to meet men. I haven’t actually tried any of these out but figure in theory they should be fabulous:

1. The Drycleaners

· Pros:
Any man who goes to the drycleaners will probably be bathed and we know he has clean clothes.
He also most likely has a job as dry-cleaning is not cheap. That’s already twice as good as my last boyfriend.

· The problem:
His wife/girlfriend probably sent him.

2. The Farmers Market

· Pros:
Enjoys healthy food
Perhaps a masterful chef
Likes the environment
Cares about quality
May use more than one kind of lettuce when preparing a homemade salad

· Cons:
Frequently says things like “dude…that’s awesome”
Grooming is infrequent at best
Insists on keeping the compost right beside your $650 Prada shoes

3. A Football Game or Other Sporting Event

· Pros:
A man who doesn’t stand for something (even if it’s grown men running around in tights touching each others butts) is a man who will fall for anything.
Men need instant replays in their lives; it helps them remember other important stuff.
Society dictates that men who like sports are hot and masculine. I listen to society dammit.
Also, you get to wear tight fun colored clothing and pretend to care. Men love this, even if you root for the other team:

· Cons:
Men can take their sports very seriously, if you meet an avid fan, be prepared to deal with the consequences. I like watching sports so this is not such a con for me but for some: beware.
Often smell like beer
Will feed you romantic lines such as “Hey, grab me two more”, and “Let’s get huddled before I touchdown”

I’m prepared to test my theories out for the good of all woman-kind. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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