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Joy, Green Cards and How Calgary Has Officially Turned into Seattle

I haven’t really written anything since Vegas because compared to that, life seems pretty tame these days. It’s been raining here for about 8 years straight, I’m not sure when I moved to Seattle but apparently I have. The problem with this is that I only work when it’s nice outside so I’ve worked maybe 6 shifts total in the last 2 week. 6 shifts does not a millionaire make.

Instead of being productive with all my free time, I spent some time when I got back uploading LOST episodes and other illegal things.

At one point, when I was waiting for my mesozoic computer to load, a flashy sign came up and told me I won a real live American Green Card! I mean, that’s pretty much like Christmas, Labor Day and Halloween all rolled into one. So basically if Jesus dressed up as a resurrected cheerleader vampire and gave birth to himself (side note – what the hell is Labor Day?) it would be almost as awesome as my Green Card.

Now I can travel to Arizona!

(Too soon?)

Top things I would do if I was American:

3. Call the washroom a bathroom
2. Laugh when people call us “the States” because obviously we are America (even though technically so is Canada…and Mexico…and all of South and Central AMERICA but whatevs I mean details here people)
1. Make fun of Canadians

I guess that’s really all that would change.

For now though, I’ll be content being Canadian and saying eh! and drinking piss water Molson Canadian.

The other good part about not working a lot this month is that I have plenty of time to do The Joy Equation. I was lucky enough to meet Molly in person and trust me, she is every bit as bubbly and optimistic as she seems.

If you haven’t heard of Molly’s program or her amazing website, go check it out. I got my Joy Equation in the mail super quick and am so excited to get started. If you’ve ever thought you need to recenter, refocus, regroup and figure out what you want from life – which is exactly where I’m at these days – you should definitely look into it.

I have 3 months to go until I start traveling, first to the US and then down to Central America, my life has never been so up in the air. Well except maybe that time when I realized my 3rd grade boyfriend didn’t want to marry me on the playground…


♦♣♥♠ Vegas Baby ♦♣♥♠

As I said last post, I’m heading to Vegas in exactly 2 weeks and am uber thrilled about it. My girlfriend recently broke up with her boyfriend and needs a vacation like nobodies business. I just need a vacation in general!

We are staying at Mandalay Bay and planning to take it easy a few days – just beaching it and being water babies. I really want to do a Grand Canyon tour but haven’t found anything reasonably priced yet. We also want to do some shopping (hello outlet stores? I want some choos!)

We’re also trying to figure out what else to do (probably a Cirque du Soliel – maybe O?) and what clubs are fab down there.

I’d really like to play poker as well. O was thinking of entering in a tourny but one of my friends (who plays down there all the time) says that they are loose tourists playing and it turns into shitty luck-only poker. I would want to play with people who are a bit more serious but not lose major coin with the high-rollers. Maybe cash games instead?

Does anyone have extensive Vegas experience or tips/advice based on your travels?

In other exciting news, I have lost 11 pound in just under three weeks – I’m tracking it on my other blog: Alice’s Appetence along with recipes etc. if anyone is interested!

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