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The One In Which I’m Alice

Okay folks, so trying to do both NaNoWriMo (writing 50,000 words in one month – as in: a novel) and also doing NaBloPoMo (one post per day for the entire month) is a fucking challenge. What the hell are these people thinking making both things in the same month?!

I started writing one story but then my characters started fighting, I got frustrated and ripped it up so I started again today and so far I have just under 1,000 words. Therefore I have 26 days to write 49,000 more. Good Lord.

I am plodding through, though I must apologize if the quality of my posts takes a drastic downward plunge for the month. Forgive me in advance (or I’ll have to come after you).

Without further ado, here are some pictures of my Saturday night Halloween party – the girls I was with Friday night haven’t uploaded any yet, when they finally do I’ll have pictures of Blondie, Curly, Hiker and I.

So here’s Frenchie and I. I was Alice in Wonderland (I’m so clever) and her and PA went as MarkAntony and Cleopatra. PA made their costumes and they were great. I have 8 layers of crinoline on so I was telling people I was Alice as she’s falling down the rabbit hole.

Here’s PA and I. He used an old suede jacket for the skirt and shin-pads. Those gold medallions are actually a gold plastic plate that he cut and glued and his helmet is a construction hat with the end of a broom attached. He’s crafty like that.

We had a hula hooping contest (which I couldn’t participate in due to the aforementioned layers of crinoline) but the lovely hostess was pretty amazing at it:

All in all the party was a ton of fun and exactly what I needed after the crazy Friday we had.

Clockwise from Alice: Safty [sic] Stud Earl, Pirate, Construction Girl, Mark Antony, Cleopatra, Safty Inspectir [sic] Cleatus

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