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Just Out On My Usual Stroll

Alice (in a text msg): Just bought dill pickle chips and beef jerky…chick at the store looked directly at my stomach to check if I was pregnant

Blondie: hahaha I’m laughing so hard right now…Wow. Only you

Alice:No fucking kidding…and I just discovered a huge wooden staircase and have no clue where I am now

Blondie: maybe you should take your beef jerky and pickle chips and have a picnic in the woods

Alice: I totally would, but the fear of homeless people is stopping me

Blondie: Share the love, they are probably hungry

Alice: Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life over beef jerky and pocket change

Blondie: Ha ha, crazier things happen

Alice: Well there’s a house down here with a pool and tennis court. Some girl just saw me snooping…let me meet the owner of that & I’ll share my jerky

Blondie: Stop, I’m going to pee my pants

My neighbourhood is a pretty nice one. In the last three years they’ve redeveloped a lot of it adding new condo buildings with all kinds of stores in the bottom. There’s also a lot of Italian stores around here – 2 restaurants, a bakery, the bistro. Some people call it Little Italy.

We have three parks and a toboggan run. Yup, that’s right it’s made specifically for tobogganing. Or maybe also to get people in wheelchairs around. Either way.

The problem lies in it’s close proximity to downtown. As you can see in this artistic rendering, its simply a hop, skip and a jump across the river into downtown. And directly across that river? The largest homeless shelter in Calgary.

However, upon discovery of this pool/tennis court house, I think I need to go for another walk today. You know, just to be healthy and get exercise.

Plus I’m craving some peanut butter ice cream.

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