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My BiSC-tory (Like History, Only Better)

This is likely the first of a few posts about the weekend. I have so many things to say, but I’m the actual busiest ever right now – I have three Annual General Meetings for my Councils in the next 2 weeks at work, and at school I have an exam and 3 papers due this week alone.

That being said, I hope I can recap Bloggers in Sin City (#BiSC) in all its gloriousness. I hope I can properly explain that this year was the actual best year I’ve been to #BiSC and that I felt love, so much love, the entire weekend.

But first, some back story: my BiSC-tory! Continue reading →


While Getting Lunch:

Business Woman #1: This girl at work today didn’t know that Benedict wasn’t the pope’s real name. So I told her that John-Paul II wasn’t the late pope’s name either, that it was Karol and that all popes need to choose a new name by which they wish to be inspired or wish to inspire themselves.

Business Woman #2: Kind of like strippers

At The Movies:

Teenage Girl #1: Like, what’s a millennium?

Teenage Girl #2: I think it’s like, when the time changes or something

At The Bus Stop:

Tired Guy: Once, I didn’t sleep for 7 days straight.

Girl: I had no idea that was even possible.

Tired Guy: Yeah! After 3 days you start hallucinating and stuff. Not like usual crawling stuff, real hardcore shit!

On The Street Corner:

A seemingly homeless man is sitting on the sidewalk with his two dogs. The two dogs are fighting playfully.

Agitated homeless man: “Hey, (inaudible dog name)! Don’t bug your sister or I’ll bite your fuckin’ head off!”

At The Restaurant:

Blonde Server: I’m thinking of getting glasses

Bartender: For reading or distance?

Server: Neither, just to make me look intelligent

Bartender: They’re glasses…not a magic wand

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