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…With Friends Like These (Part Two)

After Blondie, Curly and I met for dinner (and drinks) Saturday night, Blondie and I headed to the concert around 8:30. I get free tickets through work to lots of concerts and events – mostly because a lot of the people I work with are older and don’t really like NIN or Oasis.

These tickets I got were for Simple Plan – an emo Canadian band. I was on the fence about going (especially since it was highly unlikely that any of the Executives would be there meaning no free booze) but as Blondie said, “what the hell, let’s check it out”.

As we walked through the stadium doors we realized that we were the wrong age group (14 year olds anyone?), no big deal – at least we had the private box right?


Turns out someone in my company knows a herd of 14 year old girls and gave 8 of them tickets so they could scream in our ears and wave flashing plastic lights on strings around. The up-side? The Pres and his new girlfriend were there – let’s crack some wine, shall we?

A few bottles of wine and a decent opening band (Metro Station) later, we called our friend Hiker to work out a plan for the evening. She picked us up a few songs later and off we were to drink martinis and make bad decisions at her house.

Actually, the bad decisions came later, the only decisions we made were what to wear, and what to drink. The BPBBoys called us and wanted us to meet them at The Whiskey (a dance club: usually packed, expensive, lame and sweaty – in other words, exactly what we were in the mood for). One of their friends was moving the next day and another friend was back from the rigs for a week.

These guys are great to us girls. Blondie and I hang out with them a lot and they treat us very well – pay for our cover charge, buy us drinks all night etc. They just want to make sure we’re having fun. I think they like having girl friends but no dating pressure.

Anyway, an hour or so (and lots of shots) later, we’re on the dance floor having a great time when the guy who’s moving says: “Here, open your mouth” so stupid, naive me, thinking it’s a shot or something, open my mouth and close my eyes.

He pops it in there and I swallow: “What was that?” “E!”…um, I’m sorry, what?!

I’ve never done E, in fact, I’ve never tried any hard drugs. I smoke weed very occasionally (maybe once every six months) and I’ve had mushrooms a few times in my life. I’m a naturally hyper person. I naturally like to dance until 4 in the morning, then break out the Rockband and keep going (uh, see: Last Weekend). I’m usually the last one awake and run off very little sleep.

Maybe that’s why he assumed I’d done it before. Maybe that’s why he thought it was ok to put it in a drunk girls mouth while dancing to house music. Maybe that’s why he looked so surprised when I told him I’ve never done it. Maybe he thought I knew.

Either way, I started to feel weird a little bit later – tingly, unattached to my own body, and hyper. We were all dancing and having a generally good time (although I did feel really weird) and Hiker took it upon herself to take Blondie and I out of there.

She tore a strip off of Dealer-dude and even one of the BPBBoys for letting him give it to us (he’d done the same thing to Blondie, although she got half of one) and then we climbed in a cab and headed to Blondie’s apartment.

I sat outside telling the girls I loved them and chain-smoking for about an hour. I kept thanking them for taking care of me and looking at my hands like they were magical. Hiker took off after she was sure we were ok.

Once inside, we had to be quiet because Curly’s mom happened to be visiting. I literally stood at the end of Blondie’s bed, holding myself up with the bedpost, semi-dancing, telling her how much I loved her and drinking water for about two more hours while she laid in bed eating chips and laughing at me.

We met some of the boys for lunch the next day. BPBB1 explained to us that his buddy was sure we’d done it and felt bad once he found out we hadn’t ever done it before.

I don’t hold grudges, I wasn’t mad at anyone – shit happens, people assume things they shouldn’t. I had fun, I didn’t die and it was all good.

However, I definitely won’t be falling for that trick again.

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