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My BiSC-tory (Like History, Only Better)

This is likely the first of a few posts about the weekend. I have so many things to say, but I’m the actual busiest ever right now – I have three Annual General Meetings for my Councils in the next 2 weeks at work, and at school I have an exam and 3 papers due this week alone.

That being said, I hope I can recap Bloggers in Sin City (#BiSC) in all its gloriousness. I hope I can properly explain that this year was the actual best year I’ve been to #BiSC and that I felt love, so much love, the entire weekend.

But first, some back story: my BiSC-tory! Continue reading →

Rush Hour

First of all why the hell is it called Rush Hour when there are so many damn cars that you can’t move at a snails pace, let alone rush?

I got off work and decided taking a stupid cab home was a good idea since it’s cold and I’m lazy. Normally a cab costs me $10 including a $2 tip, from anywhere downtown. I take cabs maybe 3 times a week – if I work late, if I go out or if I’m really lazy.

In my mind this is equivalent to owning a car, probably even a lot cheaper. Once you factor in gas, insurance and the price of parking downtown Calgary ($475 a month if you’re lucky or $20-$30 a day in most parkades) I’m actually saving money.

I haven’t taken a cab during rush hour before and now I know why:

Please note the road closure, buses, pedestrians and fucking cranes in the detour we had to take and the extra $7 not even including tip yet that I had to fork over today.

Okay so it’s not a large amount of money but it’s almost twice what I normally pay and it took an extra 20 minutes to get home! For three blocks detour! When it normally takes 5 minutes and you’re sitting in a cab almost fifteen minutes later, three blocks from your departure point, I can tell you, you are kicking your own ass for being so stupid.

I think I’d rip my hair out if I lived in LA.

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