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Warranty = Waste

Apparently it’s NaBloPoMoDoSoCoBro month or something so I’m supposed to post every day. I WAS going to post a Halloween picture today but my friends are lazy and haven’t uploaded them to the Facebooks for me to steal yet. C’mon people, everything loses relevancy in under 3 days in the land of the innernets.

My camera is broken. It broke right before Blondie and I headed to PEI (of course) which was months ago now. I brought it into the store and they sent it into the shop after informing me it would be $75 even though I bought the stupid warranty.

Apparently it doesn’t cover scratched lenses. What it does cover? It seems they aren’t sure.

Anyway, my camera has mysteriously never returned from the “shop”. I’ll be calling tomorrow to give them a piece of my mind. If they aren’t supremely helpful and apologetic I’ll be writing a very stern letter and sharing it with the innernets in hopes of them sending me free stuff. Like a camera.

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