My BiSC-tory (Like History, Only Better)

This is likely the first of a few posts about the weekend. I have so many things to say, but I’m the actual busiest ever right now – I have three Annual General Meetings for my Councils in the next 2 weeks at work, and at school I have an exam and 3 papers due this week alone.

That being said, I hope I can recap Bloggers in Sin City (#BiSC) in all its gloriousness. I hope I can properly explain that this year was the actual best year I’ve been to #BiSC and that I felt love, so much love, the entire weekend.

But first, some back story: my BiSC-tory!

My first #BiSC was 2010 – year #2. I went because Ben was going. I went because I was Alice and I wanted to be Jen. I went because I needed a change in my life and I was scared. I went because I was sad about being laid-off. And about being broken-hearted. I went because why not? I went because Vegas.


It was amazing and I can’t explain how great it made me feel knowing that these people didn’t care that I was a little lost, in fact they maybe loved me more for it.  Knowing that I wasn’t alone. Knowing that I had a whole new group of people that I could confide in. I had a long chat with Molly Mahar by the pool about life goals; I had a heart to heart with Mandy Moore at a strip club; I stayed up late laughing with Raoul and Emily.

Soon after #BiSC I started class. I took a teaching course. I packed a bag. I planned a trip. I booked a flight. I moved in with my dad in Vegas for a few months to get prepared. I left. I traveled. I taught. I learned. I was happy.

#BiSC 2011 – I was still away. Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua…somewhere far away, in the sun. Still I watched the tweets and still I felt prickles of happiness for those who were there.

#BiSC 2012 – I returned from Eastern Europe in January of 2012. I was at my sister’s house in BC when I saw the registration for 2012 go up. I had exactly $550 left to my name.

No job, no home, no idea what I was doing next. So I signed up. I spent my almost last $500 on a memory of pools, and laughter, and fun. Just what I needed.


By the time #BiSC 2012 actually rolled around I had started a new job at a Canadian investment regulatory body. I had been living with a friend for a couple of months and was looking for a new place. I hadn’t dated in a long while. I was restarting my Canada life after almost 2 years. I think I was a little bit more fragile than I’d like to admit.

For some reason, 2012 felt a little different. There were fewer people I knew and since I had missed a year there were a lot of friendships already forged. I still had an amazing time, and by the end I felt like I had connected with so many people. My incredible roommate; my fellow Canadians; the group of us that went to Freemont Sunday night, fending off other tourists so we could have a photo-shoot. It was a different sort of connection that year. This was mainly my own fault – I had dropped off the social media grid for a while before #BiSC 2012. Those connections that I made though were so amazing and I’m so happy that I went.

Still, I signed up for #BiSC 2013 as soon as pre-registration went out. I had no idea where I would be in a year but I knew I wanted to be there. In Vegas, with BiSC-uits. And I am so glad I did.

I wouldn’t say BiSC changed my life or my path, but it really gave me the courage to change my own life. I started doing things that I never thought I’d do, I realized that traveling alone was scary but could be fun; I started to recognize other people who felt the way I did and being comfortable enough to go up to them. To make new friends. To put myself out there.

I couldn’t express it during goodbye brunch, and as an ENTP I’m bad at the feelings (iNtuition and Thinking, guys. No Sensing/Feelings to be seen) but I’m so eternally grateful  that I signed up in 2010 on a whim and that it led to me meeting all of you amazing people. It’s truly much easier to love yourself when you realize how many people will love you, if you just give them the chance.

10 responses

  1. I’m so glad I got to meet you through BiSC! I didn’t realize you had gone through so much change before coming and re-coming. You are wonderful, absolutely wonderful. BiSC did a similar thing for me as it did for you. Not being afraid of making a change and going out and doing things!

    OH–and thanks again for the Cadbury’s. I ate one with my dad and I’m saving the other for a special occasion. Gotta savor that sucker. 🙂

    Sending hugs!

    1. I’m so glad I met you! You’re always smiling – such a great characteristic 🙂 I’m glad BiSC influenced you so positively as well…I have read all about your auditions and you definitely put yourself out there! Enjoy the chocolates 😉

  2. So happy to have met you for my first BiSC you were always around to just chat, sing, dance or offer your hospitality when a girl needs a place to change her clothes for the night sans a hotel room. You are so welcoming, inclusive and so gosh darn smart! We need to have a pow wow about your travels because I need to know ALL THE THINGS. We were too busy having fun poolside (disco boobs), eating fancy eggs benedict, getting (wo)manhandled by a roller coaster and being fed just-vodka drinks in pink cups to have the travel talk. Sooo we should probably Skype with your life comes to a yellow light. MISS YOU LADYPANTS.

    1. I would LOVE that! Summer is when things slow down for me at work (I mean, I REALLY should not be on FB, and/or blogging right now but…BiSC!) so I would love love to have a Skype date with you. I can’t wait to actually recap all the amazing things that we did in Vegas.

  3. Your BiSC post makes me wish I could grab a time machine and had started going from the very beginning. Still, the realizations you got from BiSC are of all the right kinds and I hope the same thing for you that I do for all BiSCuits — that they stick with us forever and a day 🙂

    1. I hope so too! I can’t wait to start reading everyone’s recaps too – I’m actually a little ridiculously excited. So glad you came this year!

  4. I’ve always been so jealous of the blogger meet-ups in North America… I’ve had a fair few here but BISC is always one I wished I could attend.

    1. This year was kind of neat in the fact that there was a girl from London and a guy from the Netherlands who actually came to Vegas for the meetup! Maybe next year you can plan a trip to North America… 😉

  5. Hi!! I’m so glad that I got to meet you. We need to have a visit ASAP that includes and oyster and olive feast!

    1. I’m so glad too! I was sad when we didn’t get to say goodbye, but we’ll do the olive thing SOON! In fact we could skype while stuffing our faces with olives and oysters! That’s not weird, right?

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