That Time I’m Going To Go To Vegas

After carefully thinking it over (for like 20 seconds), I decided to sign up for Bloggers in Sin City – a wicked blog ‘unconference’ in Vegas. I went in 2010 and had a blast, I’m hoping this time I’ll get to spend more time with some of the people I briefly met that year, and make new, amazing friends.

Our Scavenger Hunt Team 2010

My life has changed a lot since that time – 2 years ago I was working as a waitress, working towards my CELTA and had just moved back home with my mom for a few months. I had no idea what I was going to do “with the rest of my life” and BiSC came at a great time, right while I was trying to figure out if I was strong enough to venture to a new country on my own for a year.

Over the year I learned to relax, breathe, let things happen the way they will but change the things you want and are able to, and also to reach out. Reach for things that seem impossible, or things that you never thought you’d do. Get out of your comfort zone. Get real with yourself.

All these ideas, I saw the peak of in Vegas and were solidified over the next year. I wouldn’t say BiSC gave me the courage, or gave me the strength but it certainly gave me some knowledge. It made me see that I COULD go by myself  somewhere where I didn’t know anyone, meet new people and have an amazing time.

Myself, Allie and Jenny – posing with the bartender

Also, there will be glitter and guitars filled with booze; zumba dancing, pole dancing, table dancing; martinis, wine and whiskey; cheese, desserts and buffets – SO many buffets; glitter, sequins and puffy paint; shop-talk, life-talk, blog-talk, drunk-talk, food-talk, wanderlust-talk; and most importantly, there will be friendship. And did I mention GLITTER??

Mandy and I, on the way to the Skyy Vodka Mixer

There are still 8 spots left (registration almost sold out the very first day – I was starting to get worried after half an hour! But luckily for you, it calmed down a bit and there are a few spaces available!) and every one who signs up by February 15th has the chance to win their registration fee back – thanks to Paper’d, (a brand new iPhone app designed by the lovely ladies at Shatterboxx). 

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up, and we’ll see you in May! 

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