Why I’ll Never be A Hairdresser

I didn’t realize that here in Vegas you can buy professional hair dye just as easily as box dye if you just try a little harder than googling “beauty supplies” and giving up after a few minutes to walk to the nearest CVS because that store is EVERYWHERE. And also you are impatient and need to dye it like now.

And by you I mean me.

So after I unsuccessfully tried to put two boxes of “light brown” dye over my previously blonde locks, my hair turned a weird shade of dark red, brownish green. I don’t think the green tinge is overly apparent but in the light you could see it.

Also, the first thing the hairdresser I went to for a cut said was: “it’s green” so I am not delusional. Luckily she was super amazing and told me not only where to buy professional dye but what color to get to take the green out and prevent it from fading into “ashy greenish blonde” which incidentally sounds like the color of something I might throw up.

After purchasing the aforementioned dye, I went home to discover the main pipe to the house had sprung a leak meaning we had to shut the water off, meaning no showering, no dying of hair, no nothing. For three days.

On the third night my dad rose again (just kidding, that was Jesus) no, he told me he would turn the water on so we could do the dishes, have showers and fill up the emergency teeth brushing water receptacles in our respective bathrooms. So up I went to mix my dye using a paintbrush and plastic container I’d bought at the dollar store for this very occasion and slathered the mixture on my head.

Which was precisely when I realized that no where on the dye or developer did it say anything about how long to leave it in. 25 minutes later I shouted down to my dad to turn the water on. Turns out someone (from the water company?) had put a lock on the turn thing. So there was no way to turn the water on:

I managed to rinse my hair under the boiling hot drizzle in the bathtub while my dad filled up bowls of water from the drizzle in the sink downstairs. It was a disaster. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t throw a major conniption hissy-fit complete with deep ugly-cry  gasp-sobs but thankfully my hair didn’t fall out.

Note to self: check water source before dying hair.

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