I’m Starting a Business (Send Money)

I gave my friend’s dog a haircut today. It looks pretty awesome (read: as if the dog ran through a lawnmower and halfway through tilted her head sideways). Her eyebrows were starting to look like an old Grampa’s and her mustache was reminiscent of the batty women who come into my work wearing tracksuits, order Bud and drink it as quickly as it hits the table. Go go gadget gag reflex!

Photo courtesy of Leading Edge Pet Care
Not that I got permission…(please don’t sue me)
I guess that could be my art project for the day. Stylized dog grooming – coming to a doggy salon near you.

I did try to take a picture of downtown today but there’s still some residual smoke in the air from all the fires in B.C. so it’s a bit foggy. Either that or I haven’t figured out the de-fogifying feature yet.

Hey camera buffs, have any tips on how to do wicked things with point and shoot cameras? I also have manual setting capabilities, I’m hoping it lightnings one of these days so I can play around with the shutter speed and uh, other camera stuff I guess.

Another fun activity we did today was move my sisters furniture into her new house. Her and her hubby are in Hawaii getting lei’d (oh terrible joke, I’m sorry) so we thought it would be nice for them to come home to a set-up house. I refrained from putting cornflakes between their sheets.

I know, I’m a super awesome sister.

4 responses

  1. yay glad to see you back!

    So I'm getting on a plane to Calgary in about 2 hours. Is it deathly hot there? Will I die?


  2. That picture of downtown looks exactly like LA with all the fog.

    Except we call it smog here and it chokes the life out of you and makes you want to crawl into a hole and play uno.

    Same thing really.

  3. We're such a nice neighbouring province. “Hey! You guys look like you're having a pretty good summer, why don't you take a little smoke off our hands! Thanks a milli! X's and o's!”

  4. Ditto on Rahul's comment about LA smog.

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