Not to Mention the Pool, The Parties, The Gambling and I Mean Too Much Awesome to Fit Into A Suitcase

Like, I mean, here’s what I looked like at the start of Vegas:
(@lelandstrott and @Jennbizzle – I effing heart you ladies like, pink elevator, rainbow heart you)

And here’s basically what I look like now:
Except for that bump looks more like @ihatesomuch‘s concussed head.
Well, ok – maybe I look more like this:

I lay by the pool for about 6 billion hours on Monday and have the burn to prove it. See the red/white line? Representing Canada – hollaaaaa (@Lbluca77 – that’s actually Hallaa to us Canadians, right?) and ya I’m totally in a washroom – and I didn’t bathe in it.

Some favorite memories?

I picked up so many Americanisms – @ChelsTalksSmack put it best when she said: “I mean, I need to stop saying I mean before everything. Especially since I’m talking to myself. #BiSC has changed me” – because yes, I KEEP saying it.

may have made fun of my accent, but in a way that made me laugh-cry. I miss your face!

Discovering that @manderzmusings roommate is a guy I used to work with, how small are you world?

@RSub27‘s dance moves – let’s just say I will be posting a video re-cap interpretive dance style in the very near future

The awesome eyeliner face that was @bboudreau for like 3 days. If your guyliner doesn’t want to be removed it won’t be removed. Trust.

Real! Vegas! Strippers! with @mandymooreblogr – girl you are a character. PS – I dare you to ask her about Chat Roulette.

Lunch at Margaritaville with awesome amazing bloggers while debating doing the scavenger hunt because we were all rainbow hungover. (I did and it was fabulous)

Also, my bikini bottom for sure fell off in front of a random guy on my way to the bathroom. So I did what any normal person would do, I nonchalantly scooped it up and said “That’s mine”

I mean, thanks Captain Obvious.

My beautiful roommates who packed my suitcase for me and were all around amazing. Even though we didn’t spend that much time together, I adore you all.

The awesome hilarious fake retweet shenanigans, and when @RSub27 stole @LivItLuvIt‘s phone to post this: “@RSub27 is so hot. If I didn’t have a bf I would sex him”

Walking through the Bellagio and New York, New York with @nicolerelyea on the last day. Honestly I’m so glad I got to hang out with you, even if I started feeling particularly stabby when you left, I recovered nicely I think.

Shots with Ali (do you twitter Ali?!) and @kathleenparkerb while she tried to keep her mustache on

The Sex Toy Closet in @nicoleisbetter and group’s room. One word: Sextastic (thanks Toy With Me!)

Meeting @Lelandstrott on the very first day, enjoying a delicious drink (or two with her before the shenanigans began. You are amazing and your deliriously excited disposition is contagious. You saved my life mama!

Laugh-crying at the Princess story (Just ask Leland to tell you her favorite/least favorite childhood/adult story) and how @jamievaron and I managed to turn this map:

into a story about a clitoris. Because, I mean, who wouldn’t see a vagina there? “And THIS huge area – that’s where men THINK the clit is” Story-time WIN.

Also when the security at the airport randomly checked my purse and found the stripper cards @RSub27 and I meticulously organized into most hot to least hot, and then security pulled out my brand new We-Vibe (ummm thanks again @ToyWithMe!) and raised an eyebrow at me while asking: “Have fun in Vegas?”

Um yes, yes I did…

PS – This post was brought to you by my left index (AND middle) finger, so not one finger, but two and also with a little help from my right index finger – you know to hit the shift key. And the Enter key, FTW!

17 responses

  1. AH, meeting you and walking and talking down the strip just ROCKED. I'd love to get to know your pretty self better, lady – keep in touch!

  2. Oh you silly Canadians and your funny words. I miss your face too. Come back to America soon, even if it takes you like 436 different flights to get here.

    I tried typing a email with one finger, I got as far as “hello” and was out. You have a real talent with that my friend.

  3. Because of you and Ben, I've decided I'm going to Canada this summer. Where? I don't know, but I know it will involve white boy dance moves, high shenanigans and saying “sorry” a lot.

    Yes, yes it will.

  4. Oooh, jealous of your lying-by-the-pool time. And glad you had an awesome time, I'm sure it made the many flight hours worth it . . . 🙂

  5. Being from florida I know that you can always tell a tourist by the sunburn 🙂 Glad you had a good time.

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you're back though (even though I won't see you any more in Calgary than Las Vegas, at least I could call or MSN you!).

    And you hit the enter key with your left index finger?

  7. You used TWO fingers?!?

  8. Sounds like a great time! I wonder if airport security in Vegas randomly opens bags and purses for giggles. They probably have some great stories.

  9. Hey! Look at that map. I live in Chester County.

  10. Great post and so much fun meeting you! I LOL'ed at the bikini bottom falling off…seriously?! wow.

  11. Seriously with the one (ok, two) fingered typing thing. Does not compute.

    Lovely to meet you! So glad we got a chance to hang out 🙂

  12. The mind, it is still boggled.

    Yet totally impressed.

    Miss you already!!!

  13. I think you and I can totally make a living out of turning completely random things into pictures of vaginas and showing men all around the world where they THINK a clit is, but where it ACTUALLY is.

    Wait. The more I think about this, this showing men where the clit is, it's starting to sound a little like prostitution.

    I mean. It's legal in Vegas…


  14. I miss your Canadian accent and the way you say “bag.” No really, I do. Also, you're gorgeous. Just thought you should know that!

  15. I love your accent and I would have been stabby on that last day too if I were you.

    It sucks we only really hung out on the last day. Next year though, yes?

  16. Yay! I love your #BiSC post. I'm definitely excited to get to know you (via your blog) and it was so nice to meet you. Sorry we didn't get to hang out more. 🙂

  17. You look hot in before & after pic's sexy lady, but damn that burn looks killer.

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