How Travel Agents Get Their Rocks Off

Ahhh!! I never Squee but I feel like squeee-ing because I did it! I booked my flight to Bloggers in Sin City! I had to change my travel dates (I arrive on Wednesday – anyone else be there yet? I also don’t leave until Monday night – after the party there’s the AFTER party baby) because I’m broke/cheap.

I want as much cash for being there as possible and for the extra 2 nights I can stay at my Dad’s place down there for free so it just saves me money all around.

The other problem is the crazy, fly around the entire US of A flight path that these people put me on.

I’m pretty sure they were laughing at me as they booked it.

See, the way there isn’t SO bad. I mean Calgary to Salt Lake City to San Francisco to Vegas.


Ok, it takes about 7 hours total travel time and 3 plane changes:

Can we say large carry-on and no checked baggage?

On the way home?

Yeah, this is priceless. I mean Wow.

Just Wow:

Yep, they have me flying from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale to Houston and back to Calgary.

14 hours travel time and 3 MORE plane changes in the most random places ever!

It cost me less then $500 and NOW? Now I know why.

Oh well, the extra $400 I would have spent on direct or less ridiculous flights is now going towards booze.

You’re Welcome!

18 responses

  1. I'm still in awe. I definitely agree with your plan to not check anything – that's a nightmare waiting to happen. And worse comes to worse, we can always add stuff to my checked luggage and just find a drop-off in Calgary.

  2. Wow! The flight home is beyond ridiculous. But the things we do to get ourselves to Vegas!

  3. loling. this is awesome. like awesome bad, but also awesome awesome because of your ridiculous dedication.

  4. On my flight home I'm flying from Vegas to LAX and then to Boston. Kind of silly. Yours takes the cake though.

    p.s. I'm leaving Sunday night which I feel like might be later than most so I'm glad I'm not the only one leaving later.

  5. I mean yeah, you win for this. First drink is on me.

  6. That first map with the lines looks like a nose and mouth.

    I'm here all week.

  7. you're a trooper!!

  8. What the F???? How the hell is a flight with that many changes and going all over the place like that cheaper?? I don't get it.

    That being said, v jealous you're getting to go to Bloggers in Sin City. We're having our own meet up over here in Edinburgh in May – which will cost me next to nothing as I've already paid the money for my share of the apartment and it'll cost me about twenty pounds all in all to get a train there and back – but Edinburgh just wouldn't compare to Vegas!

  9. Now I want to go back to Vegas

  10. I never did understand why it costs less if they're spending so much more time & gas & maintence on the planes?

    Though, I have to tell ya, the last 2 times I flew cross country (OH to CA; & OH to Phoenix), it costs less to go non-stop than to have a layover. Though, they didn't show me the non-stop fare UNTIL I re-did it online & checked off the non-stop button.

  11. Cool, have a good time!

    Also, I love this post because I just squeeed on someone's blog the other day and followed it up with saying how much I hate squeeing. I guess sometimes you just have to. 🙂

  12. wtf?? thats the weirdest flight paths ive ever seen… but hey, if its saves you the big buck AND you get more days in the Vegas who can complain right?

  13. My last trip to Vegas went: ft. myers > Houston > Denver > Vegas and the flight back: Vegas > San Diego > Houston > Ft. Myers. That's the price you pay when you book late. Enjoy the trip.

  14. I'll be in Houston then – shame you won't make it into town!

  15. I don't if I could justify all that time in the air. I know I'd get stuck in one of those other places. Have fun in Vegas!

  16. At least you're GOING!!! Can't wait to meet you! 🙂

  17. I just saw this, and SHUT UP that's insane!! I thought me flying from Houston -> Vegas one day, and then Vegas -> New York was bad! You're a trooper!

  18. This happened to me when I went to vegas a couple years ago. It was HELL. I think if I go next year, I'll drive. We can carpool 😉 lol…

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