New Job, Boobs, Red Wine, and Gettin’ Ma Hair Did

I’ve been looking for a new job for a few weeks. My work has been slow and I dislike my female manager (who does the scheduling) because, well, she’s one of those girls who is super nicey-nice fakey-fake to your face and actually not really very nice when you aren’t around.

I had an interview today at a busy place on the Red Mile (the strip in Calgary made famous by the ultra non-violent party atmosphere of upwards of 55,000 fans during the Flames 2004 run to the cup).

Green means Go, bitches!

It basically got famous because lots of girls flashed their boobs. “Flames in six, show your t*ts!!”

We’re all class, all the time.

At least we’re happy drunks.

After the interview (I start Sunday, what’s up now bitches?!), I was supposed to meet a couple of friends at a wine tasting.

It was pouring rain so I ran in my stupid sundress (it was SO warm this morning!) to the liquor store and, being 15 minutes late, expected my friends to be there. And be all like “where have you beeeeeen” but alas, no sign of them.

I had forgotten my phone at home and being the terrible awesome friend that I am, I know approximately 3 people’s numbers (unfortunately one of those people happens to be my pseudo-ex so that even when I leave my phone at home if I know I’m getting drunk, guess who gets a call?)

So I drank wine by myself. It was delicious.

(I found out when I got home that one friend had to go to Saskatchewan that morning and the other had texted me like 6 times to figure out the plans. Whoops)

On my way home, it was still freezing so while I waited at the bus stop I decided to duck in the nearest building for shelter. It turns out it’s a Spanish-English school and they are looking for English teachers! Coincidence??

Either way I’m supposed to go there next Wednesday to talk to the operations guy. I told them I don’t care about money I just want experience and maybe some Spanish lessons.


Also, I got my hair did and settled on this:

9 responses

  1. Now that is a great look for your hair!

  2. Love the new hair colour. Gorgeous. Altho I'm not sure what you looked like before …

  3. Donde Esta El Bano.

    That's all you need to know.

  4. Oooh, you ducking into that building for shelter was definitely fate!!! 🙂

    Love the new hair!

  5. Ooh perfect example of 'what's for you won't pass you by'!

    And your hair looks lovely, by the way! 🙂

  6. I'm glad things are looking up for you!! Remember your phone, not just for when meeting w/ friends, but just in case you need it.

    Also, copy-catting on the hair… Looks Great!!

  7. LOVE IT! I'm getting mine done on Wednesday!

    Also, I frequently drink wine by myself. I'm fine with it. Good luck with the job!

    And thanks for the compliments. 🙂 The pup is sleeping on it right now with his squeaky be. Because he loves it. Not just because it's on his bed and will pretty much sleep on anything as long as it's fluffy and warm.

    PS. The only phone number I know by heart is my parents'. And that's only because it was my phone number growing up.

  8. Err, I meant squeaky bee. 🙂

  9. Congrats on the new job. And on the new Do. Its like a whole new….you.

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