So Does April Snow Bring May Bordeaux?

Oh hai! Remember when April was all “hey April showers bring May flowers” and May was all like “Flowers! Yay! I love me some flowers” and remember how I live in Calgary so even when it’s supposed to be APRIL it looks like this outside my window?

Hey! Weather! Are we for effing real right now?

Luckily that was last night and today the sun is shining, the snow is melting and people who suffer migraines are all like “what the shit?” you know, because changing weather hurts peoples heads.

I was planning on going around to apply for new jobs today. See, my job isn’t exactly busting out the hours lately. I had 4 days off in a row this week and momma needs some money. The irony is that people are looking for summer-employees (with patio season coming and all) and it decides to snow! Ya, that’ll get the boss in a hiring-for-summer mood. Not.

Thanks a lot.

Lastly, that cake I was intent on destroying making? I made my mom ice it for me. Because if you suck at something, make someone else do it for you.

I drank a whole pot of coffee this morning. Can you tell?

8 responses

  1. Ahh the art of delegation… wonderful 🙂

    And I wouldn't say blatantly obvious… lol 😛 x

  2. We had snow in Scotland just the other week (my ex flatmate above would testify to that) but that snow in your place looks pretty bad. I don't think it should be allowed to snow ANYWHERE in April.

  3. I was freezing in Strasbourg a week ago… Now I'm roasting in Central America! 😉

    Good kind of change. You need a vacation in Central America girl 😉

  4. Holy shit! That'll take the fun right out of patio season. Over here in the frigid north of Europe, people sit on patios when it's 5 degrees out. Blind optimism is really the only way to combat comparatively shitty weather all year round.

  5. I'm done with snow here in PA after our blizzards. Today is 69 and feels great.

  6. Looks delicious! Thanks for the comment about the blog swap because I did not see anything on 20SB about it!


  7. Yah, your weather makes mine look pretty damn good! Mom did a good job on the cake– good thing you are pretty or you wouldn't survive ;).

  8. you're now officially the second person I know to use the term “what the shit”. Nice frosting job by your mom by the way.

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