Turn Left at the Alter

So lately I’ve been thinking about weddings a lot. No, I’m not getting married but one of my baby sisters is. SL got engaged a month ago and already has the church, the reception hall, the bridesmaids dresses and yes, the wedding gown.

Anyhow, I was talking with a couple of friends about it and Boobie McGee says: “I really haven’t thought about my wedding too much except…” and goes on to talk about how many bridesmaids she’ll have, the colors, the centerpieces, the location, pretty much everything except for who the groom will be.

My mom loves weddings. Not like “hey neat-o I can help plan a bit” but more like she’s taking a three part, 12 week cake decorating class so she can make the cupcakes for the wedding. She has ordered a bazillion yards of organza to make pew-bows and centre-pieces and chair-slips and ninja-ties or something.

I have been to approximately 789,000 weddings in my life. I used to work at a hoity-toity (shuddup spell check) private members-only, your-first-born-son-must-be-given-up-as-payment-club so there were weddings there practically every weekend. Plus my friends seem to enjoy getting married apparently.

I’m going to start feeling like that chick with the 27 bridesmaids dresses and no man pretty soon.

This post is all over the map. It’s a wedding map but good lord, where was I going with this?

Oh right, I think when/if I ever get married I’m going to send invitations that say: “Come party in (insert awesome vacation spot here)”.

Planning? Done.

9 responses

  1. Seriously? You're onto something. I did the whole wedding planning thing and while the day was the most amazing day of my life (not said for the sake of it but because it honestly was) and yet if I had my time over, I wouldn't have wasted so much energy on it! I remember being reluctant at the time!

  2. If you are going to get married you should at least get a good vacation out of the deal!

  3. I have never had a friend who did not end up stressed out about planning their wedding. Now, I'm far away from worrying about this, but hopefully whatever girl I find will be okay with just having a good party. Because when it comes down to it, weddings are about celebrating with people you care about – not about what color combination you pick of your plates. And I'm pretty sure my friends would trade centerpieces for permium open bar anyday.

  4. Kez – I totally get what you mean, it seems like sure it would be a great fantastic day but wouldn't it be great and fantastic even if you spent half the time? Who knows…

    Bathwater – exactly!!

    OG – one of my good friends was the most relaxed bride ever, her husband cared about the decorative stuff more then she did! I'm a long ways from worrying about it either but I think when I eventually do get there I HOPE I won't worry about all the little things like that

  5. I love going to weddings. For a while there were tons of them. Now I'm waiting for all of my nieces and nephews to get married.

  6. Shit you're not getting married? And I was looking forward to the epic open bar.

  7. Haha I like your thinking!

    I'm nowhere near to getting married but one of my friends is. They're both so laidback that they're practically horizontal, so it'll be interesting to see if they manage to maintain that demeanour since the wedding is meant to be in September.

    Which now makes me think I should maybe offer to help. With the stag night or hen party, at any rate… lol 🙂

  8. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday, and all the WEAR THIS, DO THIS, BUY THIS has really solidified my plan of COME TO MY PARTY WEARING WHATEVER YOU WANT AND DON'T FEEL OBLIGATED TO BRING ANYTHING wedding.

  9. My parents told me they'd pay for the honeymoon if we eloped. 🙂

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