I get excited when I see that I have a new comment, (as I’m sure you all do) so imagine my disappointment when I realized that half of them were from “Hello Baby“. Don’t get me wrong, she seems very nice. It’s just that you know, say what you gotta say once and then maybe stop.

So we can all thank our new friend “Hello Baby” for the fact that I am now moderating comments. Also, because I’m curious (read: nosy) I had to check out this persons website and I probably have some sort of computer-herpes now. On the plus side, I found out that 爱丽丝 means Alice in Chinese, so there’s that. Also, the fact that it’s a Chinese website written in Spanish (what??) kind of made my day.

5 responses

  1. I also get excited when I see I have a new comment and the spam ones piss me off, even WITH comment moderation. Although I do get a smug sense of satisfaction that I've managed to stop them actually appearing on my page.

  2. Dude. Hello Baby KILLED me. She's a little needy, but seems well-intentioned 😉

    Also, I obviously just went back to check on Baby's comments, and noticed that I either wrote a comment in a dream and it never really happened, or Baby ate it. Either way, I meant to write something.

  3. Haha, always get excitied but i'm new to blogging so it's very often i get one.

  4. Wait until the Chinese spam starts flowing. You'll be wishing for Hello Baby's comments.

  5. Hey sweetheart this is my comment

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