Lesson Learned: Don’t Be A Drunktard

I seem to have been having “one of those days” for the last few days. For example; I left my wallet in a cab on Thursday, the day before I was supposed to go do some important banking. I figured I would just use my passport as ID at the bank, but my passport seems to have taken a long trip somewhere without me.

Saturday I was resigned to the fact that I had lost my drivers license, my bank card, my passport, and more importantly my Shoe-aholic Spending card. That’s a free pair of shoes right there bitches!

I got home from work to find a taxi drivers card and a note telling me if I ever wanted to see my wallet intact again, bring $500 G’s in unmarked bills to the top of the Calgary Tower at midnight. Actually, it may have only said to call him, but it could read either way really.

They ended up calling me the next day with directions to their headquarters to pick the wallet up. Thank the sweet baby Jebus. That wallet is my life.

Yesterday I finally had a chance to head up to the place to grab my wallet with the intention of going to see my financial adviser and get that banking done afterward. Of course when I get there they can’t find my wallet anywhere and they insist that the driver must still have it.

Finally after fifteen painful minutes (my cab’s meter was still running outside!) they managed to track it down and finally I could say I win at life.

Until I got to the bank and realized I was 10 minutes too late for their 4 o’clock closing, only to walk to the next branch to get there 5 minutes after they closed at 4:30.

Banking FAIL

Here’s another example of the kind of week I’m having:

This video is pretty self-explanatory

Party Dress FAIL

11 responses

  1. Oh eff. I remember when I lost my SIN card, passport and health card all at once. I essentially through my identity down on a street corner and walked away. Glad that yours has been recovered!

  2. My kitten just climbed up my merino wool jumper…. tiny little claw holes all over it. Do you want her too?

  3. glad you got your wallet back

  4. thank goodness you found your wallet… that could have been SUCH a disaster!

  5. A week ago, I left my cellphone in an ice cream shop. With a dead battery. I don;t know WHAT miracle happened, but I got it back.

    Yes, a MIRACLE.

  6. I tend to lose things these days too, but I'm glad you got your walle tback.

  7. Good that there's still some honesty in the world!

    Loved the video. Although I felt bad for your poor dress!

  8. Aw, SHITE! What a day! At least you got your wallet back.. 🙂

  9. I once got drunk at a bar and took a cab home. Next morning woke up,hungover, in my apartment. Realized I lost my cell phone. Didn't have anyone to call (including a cab to take me to pick up my car). Had to walk, hungover, to the nearest pay phone since i don't have a land line. GREAT night.

    Also have cats. Two of them. One loves anything with thin straps. Yeah – brand new Bebe top that cost over $50…straps chewed thru.

  10. Sorry about the cat on the dress… but the video made me laugh! I have two cats myself and that is 100% totally something they would do, little buggers!!

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