There’s A Snake in Ma Boot!

So Stampede is half over and it’s been quite an interesting week so far.

Somehow even though I’ve been working for ten days straight (my next day off is Sunday – thank the sweet baby Jebus), I’ve still managed to get myself in a fair amount of trouble. So far, from what I remember, here’s a summary of the week:


  • After work went to my “Cheers” and ended up at Pseudo’s


  • Worked all day, went to Blondie’s boyfriends birthday BBQ (try saying that 5 times fast) where we ate a fabulous spread that included flat-bread appetizers, grilled steak that had been marinated for 12 hours (yum!), an incredible reduced balsamic dip and tons of other delicious food
  • We then proceeded to have a flippy cup tournament. There were 13 of us so we had a 3 team Round Robin – best of 7. We obviously got drunk.
  • The limo showed up, we all piled in and drank copious amounts of champagne…and beer (Klassy)
  • We went to the first bar where the ten guys bought each of us 3 girls at least 3 shots
  • Next stop? Our “Cheers” – obviously more shots followed
  • Last stop on the Limo train was the bar affectionately nicknamed “The WhoreHouse”. Obviously we had more shots. I don’t think I bought a single drink – it was a shooter night
  • I lost my purse with everything in it – phone, camera, money, wallet, keys
  • Found said purse sitting casually on the dance floor an hour later. With everything still in it.
  • Lost all of my friends except for one. We eventually found one other friend who had jumped over an overpass to the street below trying to chase after half of our group. Giant FAIL as he was now limping.
  • Took jumper to friends house and put a bag of peas on his foot. Woke up in the morning to him puking from the pain. His foot was black and blue and swollen like a football. Um ya turns out he broke it…


  • Frenchie came and met me after I was done work, we consumed at least a bottle of wine and headed to “Cheers” (where else?) where we played drunken darts and drank a lot of vodka
  • Two dumb guys were running their mouths, trying to act like they were a really big deal (RBD). After last call they bet me $20 I couldn’t get another beer. Have I mentioned that this is the bar I frequent and always tip really well? They didn’t stand a chance. I even warned them that they were being idiots. I told the bartender I’d give him $20 for a Kokanee and he looked at me like I was nuts. He would have given it to me for free but whatever. I went back up to the guys, beer in hand.
  • The guy who bet me handed over the $20 and said: “whatever, bottled beer is easy. There’s no way he’d pour you a draft beer…” I just laughed. RBD says: “I’ll bet you $50 you couldn’t get a draft beer”
  • I went back to the bar and told Bartender I’d give him $25 for a draft beer. Again he thought I was nuts but handed me a Keith’s.
  • As soon as I went back upstairs with the beer the 2 guys just shook their heads and handed me the $50 bucks. Don’t make stupid bets with me boys.
  • I’m kind of a big deal.

I still have the last weekend to go, and I’m sure even with my hectic work schedule I’ll manage to get a few more crazy nights in.

Sometimes I just love Stampede.

4 responses

  1. Sounds like you're having fun, lady! I do not envy you working through Stampede… good to see you get to have your trouble too. 😉

  2. nicely done with the betting!!

    and dont you love how stampede week recaps have to be in point form…. too much craziness happens!

  3. HA I love it when girls kick boys at games and bets!:)

  4. Oh My God. How weird. Yours is the 2nd post I've read IN A ROW that mentions so-called “Flippy Cup.” And I will tell you what I told him – I always thought it was just called Flip Cup. Calling it Flippy Cup makes it sound like a kids' game.

    Well, I guess getting wasted is fun for all ages.

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