♦♣♥♠ Vegas Baby ♦♣♥♠

As I said last post, I’m heading to Vegas in exactly 2 weeks and am uber thrilled about it. My girlfriend recently broke up with her boyfriend and needs a vacation like nobodies business. I just need a vacation in general!

We are staying at Mandalay Bay and planning to take it easy a few days – just beaching it and being water babies. I really want to do a Grand Canyon tour but haven’t found anything reasonably priced yet. We also want to do some shopping (hello outlet stores? I want some choos!)

We’re also trying to figure out what else to do (probably a Cirque du Soliel – maybe O?) and what clubs are fab down there.

I’d really like to play poker as well. O was thinking of entering in a tourny but one of my friends (who plays down there all the time) says that they are loose tourists playing and it turns into shitty luck-only poker. I would want to play with people who are a bit more serious but not lose major coin with the high-rollers. Maybe cash games instead?

Does anyone have extensive Vegas experience or tips/advice based on your travels?

In other exciting news, I have lost 11 pound in just under three weeks – I’m tracking it on my other blog: Alice’s Appetence along with recipes etc. if anyone is interested!

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  1. Been there many times. Make sure to go to New York, New York hotel to check out the dueling pianos.

    It’s sounds lame but it’s actually pretty great.

    Also, some hot chick got me into some of the celeb clubs but since you’re a hot chick you shouldn’t have a problem.

    And lastly, come leave a comment on my blog for old times sake.

  2. I’m so jealous. I could use some vacay in 2 weeks.

  3. Not extensive but I partied and chilled by the pool everytime I went there, watched some ..ahem, shows. Not doing any major gambling beside the slots since i’m never that good in it 😦

  4. The Thunder From Down Under is hilarious, if you’re in the mood to watch buff gay Australian dudes strip down to their skivvies and lip sync. Rarely have I laughed so hard.

  5. I agree with Dr. Zibbs and the pianos.

    Go into old town Vegas, the poker games are better down there. That’s where we play. My friends who are ranked players in the nation like the games down there as well.

    See a show. I love Cirque shows so those are my suggestions.

    I was there for 9 days the last time.

    Can you eat at Jack In The Box for me please?

  6. Forgot my club comment. We went to Polyesters in the Stratosphere. Different music in each room. In the “current” room, I saw a guy getting his peen serviced on the dance floor.

    I love Studio 54 but the lines for the bathroom SUCK.

    Any of the ones below are great. If you can get in.

    LAX The Ghostbar

  7. I like Pure and Tryst.

    Its too bad you couldnt wait one more week, damnit! I will be down there Jun 5th.

  8. i hated Pure… its was WAY too packed and not even worth the wait.

    Tryst was amazing.

    Cathouse in the luxor was the BEST place we went to. it has a burlesque show and the music was the best we heard the whole 5 days we were there.

    Shopping – make sure you go to Fredericks of Hollywood for some “knickers and lace”. they have awesome bras and they are not expensive at all (2 for $48 i think it was). the friend i went with is very “well endowed” and she has to go to specialty stores here to find ones that fit and they are ususally $125-$150 PER BRA! she bought 4 bras and some undies for $120. (i think its in Fashion Show Mall which is right on the strip)

    if you love shoes be prepared to find TONS of really cute ones in all the shops.

    Food – GO TO THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!! its in the Caesars palace forum shops. you have to get the Godiva cheesecake. seriously heaven on a plate!

    mmmmmm i want it now…

    oh and their white peach bellini is to die for too.

    (the Cheesecake FACTORY is nothing like the Cheesecake Cafe we have here…. way different and about 1000 times better)

    oh the vegas….. LOVE IT!

    have a blast!

  9. ps – check my blogs for an idea i had….

  10. Congrats on the 11 lbs! It looks like you did it in a healthy (& yummy) way!

    Sorry, never been to Vegas; wanna, but never been yet. Have tons of fun though. Don't forget your sunscreen (it's always super-expensive to buy sunscreen on vaca).

  11. damn i’m jealous! of the weightloss and vegas of course.

  12. Hey lady!
    For Vegas:
    The pool @ Mandalay Bay is really great, get down there early because the chairs will be gone QUICK! Other than that, on Saturday head over to Wet Republic at the MGM Grand hotel, it’s a great pool party and lots of fun. Sunday afternoon, head over to Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel – it is pure debauchery!
    Clubs: I LOVE Pure at Caesars Palace, Tao at Venetian, Tryst at Wynn, and Body English @ the Hard Rock. You’re a chick, don’t wait in the lines – go make friends with boys who have a table and bottle service or just walk up to the front of the line and flirt with security and see what they can do. You will get in NO PROBLEM!

  13. Alice – I just gave you a shout out on my blog.

  14. I have extensive Vegas experience! I was there for a whole week when I was 9. Circus Circus is the only place I remember about it but I think it was fun…

    Anyway, nice to see you back writing, especially since we haven’t chatted much lately. Can’t wait to see you in a couple of days!!

  15. As for Cirque shows, if possible, see Zumanity! http://www.zumanity.com

    Have fun!

  16. We stayed at the Mandalay bay a few years back and saw them filming Las Vegas. I remember on our last night I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. I had avoided playing the slots but since I had 10C left (It was in the days when the machines took money and you put your winnings into a huge cup, rather than getting those pathetic slips of paper) I made the mistake of putting it in one of the machines. 4 hours later I dragged myself off to bed over $100 richer. Almost missed my flight home to Blighty (that’s UK to you septics) the next morning…..

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