My New BFF

While Calgary isn’t exactly an international mecca of film making and success, we do get a fair number of celebrities to this here city. The Restaurant where I work is sort of attached to one of the hotels where a large portion of them stay and directly across from another very upscale hotel.

We usually have all the football players in whenever there’s a game in Calgary (Roughriders, BC Lions, Alouettes etc. – for you Americans this means nothing), we’ve had Jane Seymour in (all the guys fell in love with her), Mila Kunis, Keisha Shante, LeAnne Rimes, Jason Preistly was in, Dean Cain, The Trailor Park Boys have been in twice (they are actually so funny in person). We’ve also had bands, musicians and dancers.

Some of the big names roll with an entourage but most of them just have a friend or two. Generally they come in, hang out and everyone leaves them alone.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been spotted in and around town the last week or so. A few days ago they came into the Restaurant with their kids and a woman who was most likely the nanny. Of course everyone was like “omg it’s Tori Spelling” but no one really approached them.

Last night while I was working, I realized that they were sitting at one of my tables in the lounge, (sans kids of course). He is gorgeous; she is tiny and even with no makeup still really pretty. I went up to them and we started chatting about our wines and then Sushi (she had a craving). I was trying to act like they were just any other table.

After I poured their wine (Amarone – my favorite), he asked me what my name was. I introduced myself and he shook my hand and said “I’m Dean,” then she shook my hand and said “I’m Tori”. I felt like saying “Obviously!” but I just said “nice to meet you!”

They had a glass of wine each and were going to eat but decided to get some sushi. They had half a bottle left so I just left it behind the bar and told them they could pay when they got back.

Three hours later, they show up again. They remembered my name and started telling me how bad the sushi was. I joked that they should have just stuck with our soup like they had originally planned.

As they were leaving I told them to have a good time here and I overheard her say “that was really nice, we should come back here”. I couldn’t believe how nice and down to earth they were; she almost seemed shy introducing herself, and they were so obviously in love (he kept calling her “mama”) it was absolutely adorable.

Who says celebrities have to be snobs?

20 responses

  1. I may have licked his face if I were you….

  2. first, i love seeing (or hearing about people seeing) celebrities in real life.second, i hate that they are always SO TINY. especially the ones that i think look average on tv/magazines. silly cameras and the whole adding 10 pounds thing, and making you think that you are the same size as these people.hrumph.

  3. Awww. I like that you treated them like anyone else. They were probably pleasantly surprised by that 🙂BFFS! For Sure!

  4. I’m glad they were nice! I watched the reality show a few times and always got slightly annoyed by her. But I think she acted like that on purpose in an effort to make the show more interesting.

  5. OMG i totally watch their reality show and say that i would be BFF’s with them if they were my neighbours. im gonna have to keep an eye out for them around town now……

  6. So Brian Austin Green was there or no?

  7. I read Tori’s biography at Christmas, and considering I was so anti-Tori Spelling when she was on 90210 – I was surprised at how normal she came across in her book. I am not going to go as far as to say I like her… but I no longer hate her 🙂At least now I have two people to look for this weekend on my treks around Cowtown!

  8. They stayed at my hotel and were really cool. They acted like they a normal couple visiting the city.

  9. Oh my god, how nice! Really! I never thought she is that cool.

  10. I love that they were so nice about as much as I love how you know how to play it cool. Way to keep it classy mama!

  11. Aw, they sound so sweet! I actually read someone’s review about Tori’s autobiography a while back and she sounded a lot nicer than I actually had realised, so it’s nice to hear that reinforced here.

  12. That’s awesome. I like each of them more for having heard this. And, well done treating them right.

  13. that is really cool, I always wondered what kind of person Tori is, she sounds sweet

  14. First Trump, now this?must be nice.

  15. I bet you celebrities appreciate when you just treat them like re- wait, did you say Tori Spelling was pretty?

  16. That is a great story! I actually really liked them when I watched their show!Did they tip you well?

  17. I waited tables in LA, celebrities are regular people who’s ballz smell just as bad as mine.still pretty cool though.

  18. I love hearing how anyone from Hollywood is nice and down to earth! Great story!

  19. I saw Dean going into his hotel … my thoughts were “Holy Shit, what a gorgeous man,” he sure is beautiful! I didn’t see Tori while she was around, I don’t count seeing them at two Flames games. I like watching their tv show, I agree that they do seem pretty normal. Although they did come with two nannies when they were in town. What’s up with that? They only have two freaking kids!

  20. That is a really good story! I love to hear ones like that, it gives me hope for the rest of the celeb population.

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