The Trump Way

I’m not trying to make anyone jealous here but I have some very exciting news to share…I’m sure it’s only because of all the charitable work I’ve been doing. Well, that and let’s face it, I am kind of a big deal.

See, I’ve been sent a very special personal invitation to join Donald Trump himself at a very exciting seminar held right here in Calgary. Not only was I personally invited but I received 2 complimentary VIP tickets. That’s right bitches, Don and I are tight like that.

Apparently I’m going to learn about property investment and how to be a Real Estate mogul. It’ll even teach me how to be my own boss Forever.

Now, the card only had a small sample of all the great things I’ll be learning but it does put emphasis on the fact that (and I quote): “This is what I have learned the hard way, in the streets, fighting to grow my empire and fighting to stay on top

I’m not really sure what kinds of things you learn on the streets of Park Avenue but I’m sure it’ll be very eye-opening.

I’m pretty sure the signature is authentic and the card is hand-signed, after all what better things could he possibly be keeping busy with?

Don’t worry, I won’t forget about you while I’m off living my lavish lifestyle and making millions simply by looking at buildings.

17 responses

  1. Congrats!Be sure not to bring up his recent bankruptcy filings.

  2. Wow, that’s pretty cool. I got a phone call the other day telling me I’d won a free holiday to Cancun, but this is better.

  3. Way to make us all JEALOUS!

  4. From the sounds of that it has to be real.

  5. Brian – Oh I definitely WILLImaginary – No, you win, Cancun is way betterAndy – Don’t be too jealous – I’m sure you’ll get your invite soonDr Z – I knew I could count on you

  6. I like it! You are going to be Alice, the not so average MOGUL!

  7. That certainly “trumps” anything that has happened to me recently!

  8. I saw Donald Trump once.I waved.He didn’t wave back.

  9. “on the streets”?Donald’s so gangsta. I mean, check that mean weave. I wouldn’t be messin’ wid him, girlfriend!

  10. AWESOMENESS. So much to learn 😀 ANd definitely all that glitters.

  11. Thats awesome, way to go!! Dont forget pictures of the famous hair now

  12. Ha… did you get tickets 30 and 31? Cause those are the ticket numbers of the ones I got in the mail yesterday.And I thought Trump only loved me.

  13. Alleged – if only it were truePaula – You’re so “punny”rs27 – What a jerkKez – he’s my homeboyMatt – indeed!Lolita – Lots of glitter guaranteedidhappens – Oh he’s probably heading your way soonChele – wouldn’t want to miss thatCarmen – omg SO weird! Guess we’re sitting on top of each other – finally I’ll get to meet you! Haha too funny hey?

  14. Ooooo, maybe you can be Donald’s next wife! Just think about it! A private plane. Limitless wardrobe budget. Think about it!

  15. Will you be discussing his comb over at this important event?

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