Two Posts & A Baby

Just kidding – there;s no baby – Tricked you !!

Guys, seriously it’s TUESDAY night and here I am – drunk. It’s my friends birthday and I had to down a bottle of wine before going out because I’m cheap amd don’t want to spend money.

I also have a funny story about a gay guy hitting on me – seriously, it was awesome. Best. Compliment. Ever. Remind me to tell you or I’ll totally forget. I’m awkward like that.

Anyway, this is the second drink blog in under a week – that spells bad news (or good times??) so I thin k really i should not get on the compurter after drinking a bottle to myself. I refuse to spell check this although it may break my heart reasindg (errm reading) it tomorrow and seeing how absol;utely awful I am at drunk typing. I always double (triple) chjeck but I won’t allow it this time. (Must. Not. Change. Words.)

I just re-read this and am appalled at my spelling but such is life. Time to go par-tay with the drunk idiots now. I mean that in the nicest way possible – uI love therm, seriously.

Okay Rambkler McTalksALot – I’m out.

10 responses

  1. That is such a compliment, gay men always have such good taste.

  2. Such a compliment! And, you are actually a pretty good drunk typer.

  3. Haha – two drunk post in one week definitely spell good times :-))I spent a good amount of time – fairly drunk as well – on facebook the other day and it killed me too to see my spelling the day after… ouch. But still a fun night 🙂

  4. I like to think that drunk posts are proof of good times. The worse the spelling, the better the times.

  5. I had a gay guy hit on me too…it wasn’t that great of a compliment.or maybe it was? I’m still not sure.

  6. I’m new to your blog, but 2 drunken posts? You’ve won me.Actually, I read all the archives, and I love it!Hope to come back soon!

  7. If you can find the keyboard, you’re not drunk enough. Go forth and binge.

  8. I always find that wine helps me type. Although, not when I spill it on the keyboard.

  9. haha drunken posts are the best!

  10. You were not drunk enough, I can still understand thing post.

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