A Few More Blondie-isms

A bartender and I were talking about something being blasphemous, completely joking around. He then said something along the lines of: “No, what’s blasphemous is saying that a zombie who rises from the dead around Easter time is unbelievable.”

Blondie looks at us and asks: “Who, the Easter Bunny?”


While we were doing our cash-outs at work;
Blondie turns to me and says: “How do you spell owe?”
Alice: “Sorry? Like the letter O?”
Blondie: “No, like I’m trying to write I.O.U…oh….never mind”


Blondie: “I don’t think blondes are dumb, I think it’s all the brown-headed people who dye their hair that make blondes look dumb”
Alice: “You mean brunettes?”

(The irony? Blondie is a natural brunette)


19 responses

  1. hee hee hee, the more I read stories like this, the more I start to believe that I’m truly blonde on the inside!

  2. oh man Blondie makes me crack up, especially the brown headed comment.love it, keep it coming. reminds me one of my favorite blogshttp://www.thingsmyboyfriendsays.com

  3. LOL! It always amazes me that people like this exist!

  4. Hilarious!Funnily enough though, I do actually agree with her last comment, and have said the same before, despite being a natural brunette myself. I know I’M not thick, but I also know that the majority of natural blondes I’ve known have been really clever and the blondes that do stupid things have a tendency to not be natural blondes. It’s odd, but true!

  5. haha- my favorite is the I.O.U one. priceless!

  6. Haha. You should have Blondie start a blog. Wait. Can she write?

  7. I agree with Zibbs. I want the Blondie Blog!

  8. heheh that’s awesome! I come out with stupid things on a regular basis but right now I have no excuse. I’ve been toying with dying my hair blonde though.

  9. and this is why i wanted blondie to be stranded in vancouver for a few hours during flight layovers, and come shopping with me.i ❤ her.

  10. Does your head hurt sometimes when you talk to her? My head would hurt sometimes.

  11. ahahaha I heart Blondie and the things she says! She is too funny!

  12. Love the Easter Bunny comment… priceless. I also heart this girl!

  13. these are true stories??? LOL…awesomeness!!!

  14. Hahahahahaha!! Brown-headed. That is totally how I’m describing myself from now on.

  15. lol and THAT’s how us blondes get a bad wrap!

  16. Wow. She must have a verrrry active social calendar.

  17. Hilarious! She’s totally the stuff that blonde jokes are made of.

  18. Oh I so need a friend like that in my life!

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