Year of the Rat – Good Riddance

Wow, what a vacation I just took. I haven’t written anything since before Christmas. I’ve been busy working and hanging out with the family and all the other poor excuses I can think of (Translation: I’m lazy). Prepare yourself, this ones a doozy.

So one of my friends roommates had a theory for me on why my year was so terrible. See I was born in the Year of the Rat and apparently in Chinese culture, whenever “your” year roles around it’s bad luck and you’ll have a bad year. Guess what year it was last year? Year of the Rat.

Either way, I had a shitty year (other then my fabulous vacations) so any way to explain it works for me. Right, and I saw someone else do this somewhere and it looked like a good idea, so here I go; it’s the year-long summary.


January 6th last year I came home after working both jobs to find my house entirely flooded. I couldn’t turn on the lights because I could be electrocuted from the water, so I had to search through the sopping wet house for clothes to wear to The Office the next day with a flashlight, while shivering my ass off because the furnace broke due to aforementioned water. Run-on sentences a large part of my life, apparently, at this time. Moved back with the parentals while damage was being fixed.


I actually have a Valentines date for the first time since I broke up with my ex 3 years ago. This guy I dated in HS (it’s a cycle I tell you) and I went for dinner and it was nice but slightly awkward. I had way more fun having a single girls hot-tub party last year. Decide V-day is way overrated and will never worry about it again.

Eleven of us jet-set off to Cuba. It was the first tropical vacation I’d ever been on (I highly doubt England or Scotland count as tropical although they are lovely)

I also got a promotion at The Office this month. Dizzy and her adorable baby also came for a visit: one good month out of three so far.


My birthday. I went for dinner with Frenchie and PA. There were supposed to be a lot more people but there was a freakin blizzard so everyone was delayed etc. so planned to meet us afterward. Luckily, about 25 people showed up at the lounge later so I didn’t feel like a complete moron.

Pseudo and I pretty much ended things this month, although the off and on thing continues.


I was FINALLY able to move back home after renovations to my house were completed. This month consisted mostly of me drinking away any sorrows.

There was the Lilac Festival – it rained the whole day but we still got to watch shirtless men play beach volleyball, there was the night of What Were We Thinking, there was the sex-toy party I had after which we all went out absolutely drunkity-drunk and I ran into O/N for the first time since however many years ago.

Pseudo and I ended things after he ran into me with O/N and I refused to leave O/N to go to Pseudo’s. He called me the next day apologizing and we decided we’d be better as friends.


I started my blog this month, after searching something on the internet and coming across a blog about a working girl. I ended up reading the whole thing and thought – hey, why not. So the rest of my year will be summed up in pictures:

July: Went house-boating with 9 great ladies and 3 awesome guys. O/N had a boat with all his buddies – much hilarity ensued:

August: Blondie and I with the John Deere rep (his name was John) in PEI:

Right after I worked my ass off planning the Corporate golf tournament…this happened.

Cue nervous breakdown beginning.

October: Went to visit my fantastic sister Dizzy, her hubby and their adorable baby. I drove there with Mum and we did a little BC coast tour.

Found out the parents are (finally) getting a divorce. This makes things slightly more awkward as they do still live together.

December Our last Christmas together as a family. Mom tried to upstage Dad, although we all agreed on a low budget this year. Instead we got things like laptops and iTouch’s from Mom and the agreed upon amount from Dad. How this makes sense, I don’t know.

Next Christmas, Alice is going on vacation.

13 responses

  1. Great to have you back Alice.

  2. Ok, so I wouldn’t call it a banner year, but more of an up and down “rollercoaster” year! Here’s to better memories this year! 😉P.S. – I’ve given you an award! You’ve been called out as one of my “Beautiful Ladies”! 🙂

  3. My holidays were the highlight of what wasn’t the best year for me too, so i can certainly identify!And I am STILL jealous of the houseboating!

  4. Well, 2009 can only get better right?

  5. Uh oh I don’t want to hear that! I’m Year of the Ox and that’s what it is this year…I choose to not believe your friend.

  6. If your theory’s right, then it explains why I had a shitty year, too! Thanks for sharing that!

  7. 2009 is going to be so much better!

  8. Damn. I am also an Ox. Love the picture of the firing event… although really, it probably wasn’t that fun. Here’s to 2009!

  9. ooof. doozie indeed! here’s to the year of some other unfortunate animal!

  10. yesssss. seriously, everyone has been blogging their ASSES off while i took a blog vacation (blogation?) and then spiraled into a complete disaster. your blog is the ONLY one i’m not feeling totally left out of now that i’m back in the blog game (blogame?)anyhow, basically you’ve terrified me as i wait for the year of the rabbit (hare? something) to come. i did not know its unlucky for it to be YOUR YEAR? it seems like a good thing. chinese are’s to a fabulous 2009.

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  12. At least you have stories to tell…sometimes the memories are all we have left. Wow, that is morose.

  13. Since I drink too much to have a memory (the two are quite likely related), if I tried to do this, it’d read like:April – did something, I think. Probably yelled at a cop.May – I’m pretty sure I drank too much and yelled at a cop.

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