Alice = Impractical

So it’s been a long few weeks in Average-Land. Working two jobs isn’t the most fun thing ever, especially when one of them practically requires you to be drunk. Hence the dancing and stairwell kissing – for anyone who was wondering, I did several shots with my boss that night as well. The Piano-bar is like Coyote Ugly but without all the crowds and dancing and fire breathing.

Actually, there is a fire-breather employed with us, but he doesn’t start until next week so ya.

Doesn’t count.

It would be fun and awesome except for the fact that after working until 4 am I have to wake up and head to my other job in the morning. Oh and the fact that I’m not eighteen anymore so my body is all “what the shit are you doing to me?” and my wallet is all “hey remember those bills you still haven’t paid?”. See, I’m too busy working at making money so I don’t have time to get to the bank to deposit that money so I can pay those bills.

It’s a Catch-22

Speaking of wallets, have you ever lost something and completely freaked out only to realize that you actually had it the whole time? No? Me neither…

Ya, except yesterday when I got done work and went to put my tips in my wallet only to realize my wallet was not there. I had checked my wallet that morning to see how much money I had left over from the night before ($100 – pretty good) so I knew I hadn’t left it somewhere random.

I proceeded to tear apart the staff room, cry my eyes out, ask “who would do something like this a WEEK before Christmas??” and say things like: “I just don’t understand! I get along with everyone here, who would do this to me?”

After my manager bought me a glass of wine and some lunch, I headed home only to see my wallet sitting on my bed. Right where I left it after I checked my balance.


17 responses

  1. What you need to do is get a second job that pays you to sleep. I work for the Government!

  2. ha ha, that’s the kind of thing i would’s your arm???

  3. i would suck so hard at having 2 jobs. i barely make it to #1.

  4. I ALWAYS do shit like that. Always.

  5. If you need to take a time out, <>take one!<> You’re toooooo busy!

  6. cried over something missing, that completely wasn’t?been there, done least you got some free wine out of the deal? i should start playing that trick on my coworkers and see what swag i can get..

  7. Oh gee, we’ve all been there!The worst thing was when i drove an hour away from my home with NO purse. I couldn’t just pop back and get it. That day totally sucked.

  8. I feel ya on the too busy making money to actually put it where I need it. Like in a bank. Luckily its Christmas time and wads of cash don’t seem strange to other Christmas shoppers.But I gave myself the best Christmas present I could this year. I quit one of my jobs.I am going to be a normal human!! (for at least a month until I realize waiting tables isn’t going to get me out of being a cellar dweller.) Dangsies.

  9. At least that prevented you from changing the 100 and start spending them..Two jobs..ah..Alice..I’d like to say “I understand your pain” but I don’t have a job, so I don’t know, but it must suck, that’s for sure.

  10. whenever that happens to I keep thinking I am some hidden camera and someone is having a good laugh while I look for my wallet.

  11. you work hard for the money. You should forbid yourself to drink at work though, it will help. I think,. Or get really really drunk. One of the two.also dating someone rich might help your situation.

  12. I couldn’t take it. Get some sleep, for my sake. Your making me tired just trying to keep up.Oh, and hows the arm treating you? Glad you found your wallet in any event.

  13. You know you have to keep pretending like the wallet’s gone now, after that display and the free wine. 🙂I remember when I worked at this country club and I thought someone stole my wallet and went on a credit card shopping spree.Oh wait, that really happened. Luckily, I never carry cash, and after filling out a shitload of paperwork, I wasn’t responsible for the charges either.

  14. I do that with my keys on a daily basis; also once a couple of years ago I freaked out that I lost my wallet, called all the places I’d been and then found it sitting right in front of me. Embarrassing.

  15. Oh dude! It sounds like you need a break! Although, I have to admit, I’ve cried over something I’ve lost (my phone), until I found it (in my hand). And I wasn’t working two jobs at the time, so I can’t even use that as an excuse!Hope things calm down for you soon…

  16. New Years Eve I ‘lost’ my phone. I called my dad from a friend’s phone to have him disconnect mine at 1 AM! Two hours later I realize I had given it to a friend. I called my sister then (3AM) to have her tell dad to resign up my phone in the morning.EMBARASSMENT.

  17. “what the shit are you doing to me?”HAHA! I had that last week…when I got hammered on a Wednesday night. S. FL is a bitch like that.

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