Break Time

Okay, I need a breather after that week. Remember me bitching about not meeting men? Remember when I used to talk about other stuff too? Seriously when did this turn into a dating blog?

So I burnt my arm the other day at work and I very much wish I could upload pictures from my phone to this here blog but I can’t figure it out for the life of me. My camera is still in the shop (seriously, what the hell is taking them so long). Instead I’ll tell you that it’s 2 inches across and 1.5 inches down, bright red and blistery. I didn’t go to a doctor because I am a dumbass.

I think bright red is good – doesn’t that mean it’s healing? Any help anyone? I would Google it but we all know that turns into thinking you’re going to die no matter the severity of the initial problem. I’m Polysporin-ing (it’s a word) this SOB all week.

Ya, well enjoy this hungover rambling, I’m sure I’ll come right home from work and delete it.

Kthxbai !!

11 responses

  1. Red means infected I thought? Anyway, when my little sister gave me that wretched cigarette burn on my arm, I just doused it in neosporin and hoped for the best. My arm hasn’t fallen off yet, so that must be a good sign?

  2. Damn lady! How’d you manage to do that???If it doesn’t get better with the magic of polysporin… doctor might be best!

  3. like i tweeted – healthcare is freebies in canada.use it.arms are good things to have.

  4. Ouch. sounds nasty.I would agree with the general consensus of going to the doctor.Then again, I rarely take my own advice.

  5. I would cut it off.If you can’t live with one arm then you can’t live. ask that Def Leppard guy.

  6. eh, i’d say it’s OK as long as it stays a nice pinkish red, and doesn’t look infected or start hurting more. neosporin and aloe both = good ideas.

  7. Ouch. See above. Go to the doctor if its blistery. If the blistering subsides, you’re ok.Must have hurt — sorry to hear that.

  8. I don’t know anything about burns but I would just put some neosporin on it and see what happens.It SHOULD heal!Ugh, at least you are getting dates! Mine would be a dating blog if I went out on a few 😡

  9. “it’s 2 inches across and 1.5 inches down, bright red and blistery.” That’s what she said.I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Go see a doctor, woman!

  10. I like hearing all about your dates – if only to live vicariously through someone who goes on some!Ouch! I burnt my hand on a toaster oven once, I agree as long as its pink and not too blistery I don’t think a doctor will tell you to do anything different than put some neosporin on it.

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