The Russians

Remember how I was just saying I meet guys by running into exes? Here’s a classic example, and it happened on Saturday night.

At the piano bar I’ve started working at, there’s a group of Russians who come in to drink almost every night I’ve worked so far. They’re pretty nice guys but a little intimidating. The girls they’re with are always super nice, they all have thick accents and their English is rusty.

The first night they came in they were drinking until after 3 am (bars here close at 2 am). I brought them their bill and the one guy (who never smiles) says in his thick accent:

“We are not done drinking”

Dude, it’s 3 am. I’m done serving.

They managed to talk the owner into staying and drinking, after they paid me their bill. Basically, it seems like they have a lot of clout in that place, if you know what I mean. Since that night though they’ve been fairly nice to me.

So Saturday night, who walks in but the Russians. They want Cognac, which we don’t have so what does my boss do? Go to the liquor store, buy two bottles and put them on their table. So I bring over some shot glasses and who has joined them but my ex-boyfriend from high school.

This is an ex who I was with for a relatively long time considering it was high school, Dizzy you may remember the Russian?

The only reason we broke up was because my “friend” (she’s another story entirely) liked him from the beginning and after we’d been together almost 8 months she told me he’d cheated on me. Then she told him I cheated on him with one of his friends.

At that point, none of it was true and neither of us knew she had lied to both of us. So in true high school fashion, he was hurt and really did cheat on me, with his ex.

We didn’t talk until we accidentally ran into each other at a Valentines Day party (great, right?) he brought me into a room and told me I broke his heart. I laughed so I wouldn’t cry and told him he was one to talk. I haven’t seen him since. That was 7 years ago now.

He was so surprised, he immediately jumped up to give me a hug and a shot of Cognac. From then, every time I went over it was shots all around. He came outside for a cigarette with me and apologized for hurting me. He asked about my family and remembered what I had gotten for him for Christmas one year. He asked how his English was (way better then I remember although I kind of like the sexy accent).

Later in the night, due to about half a bottle of Cognac ingested by myself, I was getting to be pretty drunk. I walk over to the table and the Russian Ex says: “my friends bet me $20 I can’t get you to dance with me. They don’t believe me we dated”. So of course, we danced while reminiscing. When we walked back over to the table there was a $20 bill with two shots resting on top.

So as if I don’t have enough men to deal with right now, what with ADD calling me twice a day and Bro back in town, the Russian-ex got my phone number and wants to go for coffee this week.

And I may or may not have kissed him in the stairwell that night.

24 responses

  1. I would soooo kiss a Russian in a stairwell… well – at this point I would kiss just about (with an emphasis on “just about”) anyone in a stairwell.And… I am blaming you for taking all the eligable men in this city πŸ™‚

  2. My life, at any given point, was never this exciting romantically.I hate you.

  3. awe, shit. i like the russian.i know i said i liked bro.and i do.but russians always get me with their ability to drink more than my weight in vodka, and their cute little accents, where even if you can’t understand a word, it sounds hot and rugged.

  4. I would have done the same thing! And wait, are these Russians part of the Russian mafia? Your boss went next door to get Cognac for them? Sounds like “an offer he couldn’t refuse”.

  5. Ooooh! I love HS Love Stories Reunited! Too fun! Tell us how coffee goes!

  6. Wow how random is this? Sometimes you run into ex’s from long ago and have a kind of cool reunion, wonder what will happen next??

  7. I actually think that’s really cute! The circumstances weren’t good in high school, because of your snotty friend, but it’s really nice to hear that after all these years, you and an ex you didn’t expect to run into had a nice time together!!

  8. Woah girl! Guys all around! Good luck…hopefully out of the three you can find a keeper!

  9. Is his name Teddy KGB? I’ve stereotyped all Russians as that.I’m a terrible person.

  10. Damn girl!!Go get ’em!! πŸ™‚Sounds like a blast, if you ask me! Isn’t this what the single life is all about? The juggling of the men? Ha ha ha… that sounds dirtier than I intended πŸ˜‰

  11. Sometimes running into exes causes quite the sparks πŸ˜‰

  12. I like the russian too!But can I ask how you managed to get drunk, dance and kiss the Russian-ex while working? I’m assuming it was a slow night or something. Or you’re just HAWT and awesome.Because obviously I’m too much of a wuss and would freak out I’d get in trouble from my boss. Then again I’m not a waitress so…

  13. Awesome. Make it brilliant. Stories like this are rare in real life, and deserve endings to match.

  14. WOW sounds like something out of a cool that you guys have met up after all this time! maybe its meant to be πŸ˜‰

  15. I officially hate you. You live the most exciting life ever lol. Granted that I got laid the other day by the ex, you still live a more exciting life than mine, and you SO kissed him in the stairwell

  16. Good story! Man, I wish my ex was exciting. All he does is sit on his ass all day, collecting unemployment.

  17. Ow ow! Now that I’m a boring married woman, I’m totally living vacriously through your dating experiences.

  18. Drunken make outs in stairwells.Hot damn. That’s the good stuff, Alice.

  19. Good lord, I think I need to get a job that allows me to drink while I work. Oh yes and making out with a boy in a stairwell wouldn’t hurt either. πŸ™‚I am highly jealous.

  20. Coffee?Coffee usually doesn’t lead to heavy petting…which is what I think the next step is.dont go backwards.

  21. “And I may or may not have kissed him in the stairwell that night…” Lol! Well, it doesn’t count if you were on the clock, you were just doing your job, right??? πŸ˜‰

  22. I agree with Ben. You make my life seem very boring.

  23. What confuses me about this is that two weeks ago, it’s all, “Boo hoo, I have no men.” Now it’s “Boo hoo, I have many men.” You’ve got to pick one side to complain about, or else this whole thing doesn’t work.

  24. Hahahaha, I totally remember the Russian. Remember Dad quizzing him about whether his family is/was part of the Russian mafia? I think he scared Dad. Oh man. We need to talk more! 😦

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