Where to Meet Men (Part 2)

So last time I wrote about where to meet men, lots of you had some great ideas, therefore I’ve decided to do Part Two. Again, I haven’t actually tried any of these, (that’s a lie) nor did any of my last ideas pan out, but hey, what the hell right?

1. On a Blog

– Pros:
Any guy you meet on your or someone else’ blog can obviously read
He’s gotta have a sense of humor to be a blogger
He’ll already know how you think and all your “secret” thoughts

– Cons
He’ll most likely live hundreds of miles away at the very least
You can’t hide anything from him

2. At the Bar

– Pros
He’ll probably be just as drunk as you (thereby eliminating any embarrassing things you do)
He obviously likes to party and have a good time
You’ll definitely get some action

– Cons
[see Pros]

3. Chamber of Commerce

– Pros
Either owns his own business or is high enough up in his company that he makes important decisions
You get to go to all sorts of fun! networking events

– Cons
Distinct possibility of being involved in some sort of tie choking accident
He’s probably old enough to be your father

4. Culinary School

– Pros
Can obviously whip up an awesome meal
Has the possibility of being on his own show (famous by association y’all)
Will forever be entertaining guests with endless deliciousness

– Cons
Probably has dark brooding temper and moments of sheer rage
May be so tired from cooking all day he won’t want to cook you food
Might earn less then the homeless man down the street

Alright, I’m off to test these theories out once again (for the good of all womankind). I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes

29 responses

  1. You’re really taking one for the team. Or from a team. A team of ne’er-do-wells.Maybe when I find other people interesting again, I’ll try this, too.

  2. These are awesome! Let me know how the blog one works out for you.

  3. Try moving to a small town, you’ll be pregnant in no time!I recommend Bodo, Alberta – they’re all rich and inbred out there. Easy pickings.

  4. Culinary Con: They usually use full-fat everything. There’s only so much cream someone can take.

  5. I might be reading too far into this but, do you have a crush on a blogger who owns his own business, likes to party, and is a great cook?

  6. I’m telling you that the chamber of commerce thing is the way to go. There are also “Young Professional” segments within some chambers. I go to many of them and there are tons of single chicks..uh..and dudes too.

  7. I like to meet men at the local hospital. Not the doctors, the ancient wealthy single men who are about to die.

  8. Have you considered the following:– church– library– five foot radius around me

  9. Chamber of Commerce! lmao!haha, and blogs? ah, that’s me…:( shame on me, flirting by commenting on blogs 😦

  10. And one more thing, what about finding which bars professionals hang out at. Maybe near a huge corporate center. At least you’ll have less immature guys.

  11. Meeting men on blogs does not work (though I’m not saying this from my own experience, of course…) um, let’s change the subject…I’m not so sure about actually attending culinary school, but waiting outside of one – that might be okay.

  12. I got into a bit of trouble last year and ended up in court for a few days. Another place to meet men-outside a courthouse. I haven’t seen so many sexy guys in ties in a really long time.

  13. well i’ve definitely tried 2 (over.. and over.. and over.. ) and if “my blog” is expanded to “the internets” then i’ve done that one.. but.. um.. yeah so far nothing i’ve tried has worked. so keep on researching for us!

  14. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we knew that a relationship with our internet blog crushes would actually work?

  15. another bad thing about dating a blog man is that they all have groupies… well at least most do LOL

  16. *raises hand*writes a blog.

  17. What about in traffic court? Have you tried that?

  18. I’ve never ever met a good man in a bar, and even MEN say that you can’t meet a man in a bar, yet I have about 5 friends who all met their husbands in bars.

  19. I was like who and why the hell is that blond chick seeming to stare at the camara?! LOL

  20. I would just like to point out that using full-fat everything is not a con. It is clearly a pro. Try whipping up a delicious meal with skim milk and margarine.

  21. I love that you are just hanging out in the corner of that picture. It’s hilarious.

  22. I think you’ll have the best luck at the culinary school. Having a guy cook for you would be the best!

  23. a humble request…(for anyone not allowing this post through–not spam–)Anyone happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: secretdubai.blogspot.com) is?http://whoissecretdubai.blogspot.com/

  24. It’s like a sociological experiment! There’s gotta be a way you can get a tax write off for culinary school and bar tabs because you’re conducting research.

  25. Really? From blogs?Wow…..<>interesting<>……

  26. There is that Seinfeld episode where Jerry is all “you know men always get a little upset with all the articles about ‘where to meet men’ we’re everywhere, we here to serve you.’ Which I think it partly true – my big issue is not where to go but what to say. It’s possible its because I have the social awkwardness of a teenager still.There are single men bloggers? who knew!

  27. Concerts …it combines the drinking, easy segway into conversation and getting hot and sweaty ..from dancing that is 😉

  28. I just noticed that you live in Calgary too! In that case, I would like to add to your “Where to meet men” list:Anywhere BUT Calgary!The man here are, for the most part, awful. I have my own lovah here in the city whom I importe dfrom Ontario, but in heling my best girlfrind in her search for Mr. Right, we have come to the conclusion that Calgary is just NOT the place to do it. I have come across more terrible men here than any other city I have lived in.

  29. the blogger thing wont pan out… it cant. it just doesn’t make any sense. Still, I want to hear about it!

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