I’ve been a very bad blogger this week, I know. The truth is, I’ve been really sick (loving the strep throat feeling in my throat) and still going to work because otherwise I can’t afford rent. Damn this not-on-salary job. Therefore, when I get home I am entirely too exhausted to be creative.

Chicken noodle soup has never tasted so good my friends.

Here’s a roundup of the latest goings-on in Average-Land:

Blondie got a boyfriend – her and one of the BPBBs hooked up and are now dating “exclusively” though I’ve yet to see her wearing his letter jacket. He’s an awesome guy but he gets really jealous and I’m not liking that aspect of it. For example, after work there’s a little pub we all hang out at for a drink to de-stress. Now her boy, Hyper, started a new job recently and has been training and stuff for it so he isn’t out partying as much as he was a month or two ago.

When she calls him from this pub he acts mad that she’s out. He knows everyone we work with so he should know there’s no worries there but anyway, he even made her cry the other day because he said she obviously still wanted to go out partying all the time and didn’t want a boyfriend.

We literally go to this pub for one or two drinks almost every night after work. No one is swinging from chandeliers, no one is having sex on the pool tables – it’s pretty tame. It’s relaxing, we hang out, everyone heads home.

We’ll see how this works out. Maybe I kinda feel that way too because I hardly see her anymore. We work opposite schedules now (which is strange) and when she has a night off, she’s usually with Hyper. Oh well, the honeymoon phase, right?

Also, I did it, I took the plunge and dyed my hair brown. My hairdresser was very excited, because it’s different for me to have normal hair. She said “I love how you’re getting so adventurous!” to which I laughed and replied: “funny that for me brunette is adventurous. Never mind all the shades of red, blonde and combinations I’ve had”.

It’s called Mediterranean or something and I think I like it. Not sure yet, but as soon as I have a picture (camera still not back from the shop, wtf?) I’ll post it. It’s something different anyway, right?

Alright, back to the couch to load up on soup and Vitamin C before heading off to work, at least I have tomorrow off

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  1. Ooooh jealousy!!! Yeah that’s not good.That being said my ex was the least jealous guy I know . . . which is also annoying, cos a bit of jealousy is healthy once in a while. Hmmm, perhaps that should have rung the warning bells for me . . .

  2. What is a BPBB?

  3. I don’t understand how girls survive with super-jealous boyfriends. I could NEVER do it. I’d feel so smothered, and I’d have no other choice but to break up with the guy.

  4. There is nothing sexy about insecurity. There is also no quicker way to ensure someone will cheat on you than constantly accusing them of cheating on you.As long as you’re taking the blame, might as well get some of the benefit.

  5. Paula – a bit of jealousy is good, too much and it’s VERY bad. I’m not sure if he’s crossed that line yetwhatigotsofar – my nickname for the group of guys we go to the football games with (long story)Angela – I know, right?! I had a jealous boyfriend once. It got really old, really fast. Pistols – Amen. Sign me up to the church of Pistols

  6. You look hot with brown hair.

  7. Oooh, I can’t wait to see pics of the new hair!

  8. Looking forward to the brown hair. I hate when my friends have a jealous boyfriend or even better, husband. Nothing is worse than having to plan around what bar their husband will let them venture to, or how late their husband will let them stay out. Is he your dad or something? This is why me and my hub get along – he doesn’t question.

  9. Urrghhh jealous boyfriends are such a pain. I mean hello, we the friends are there FIRST. Get over it asshole.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Ugh, jealousy is no good. Although exes have complained that I don’t get jealous ENOUGH. I hope that it works out, it would suck if your little group got blown up.

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