Or Not

So on second thought posting pictures of other people is risky to the max when you don’t want to become non-anon. Even if they are headless and shirtless someone might recognize them and be all like “Hey I saw you on Alice’s Blog!?” and they’ll be all like “What blog?” and then it’ll go down the shitter from there.

I’m supposed to go out for some beverages tonight and I can’t decide if I’m too lazy. I just told my friend I would come meet her though, like 4 seconds ago, so my decision is made I guess.

Random Convo Change (RCC): I got this package in the mail from Lula Dahl

These slippers are so amazingly adorable. They fit perfectly and I love them so thanks a million! Check her stuff out, I want to get an apron for my niece – seriously cute stuff.

Okay, off to drink away my sorrows…this quarter-life crisis shit is tough

12 responses

  1. Dang, and I totally had gotten my hopes up. On the plus side, those shoes are super cute!

  2. Slipper are cute! And good call on taking down the photos.

  3. Those ARE adorable. I love the hearts on the soles.

  4. Wait, are those one slipper each from two pairs, or is the one on top upside down because it kinda looks like their both right footed and it just might make people think you have two right feet.

  5. NNNOOOOOOOOI like pictures. I’ve blown up every picture you’ve put on your blog and filled my whole western wall with it. Now I look at it all the time.I mean, yea, pictures, annon, sure. Don’t post any (non nude ones)slop

  6. Having seen those pics in Google Reader, I think I can safely say that I’m not your type. My arm muscles are like knots in cotton.

  7. Hell yeah, I LOVE slippers!

  8. i want the slippers! so damn adorable . . .

  9. such cute slippers!!!i think your taste in arms runs very similar to my own 🙂

  10. I love those slippers! They are adorable!!!!

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