My Memory Eludes Me

Last weekend Blondie and I headed to Hiker’s place for dinner and wine. This seems to be a usual occurrence lately. For some reason I decided to drink white wine (probably because someone had left it in my fridge the week before and I was too lazy to walk to the liquor store for something else).

We ended up drinking three bottles between the three of us as well as a bottle (or two) of Smirnoff Mojitos. This is when we decided heading to the lounge where our old manager works would be a great idea. Blondie used to work at this particular place and as frequent visitors we know half the staff. I had been to a staff party in the summer and met a bouncer, we’ll call him B, who was charming and sweet in that really shy way and as a bouncer he has great arms. I’m a total sucker for nice arms.

Not sure what’s with me and the shy guys lately (speaking of which, Shy is back up North on the rigs so I won’t be seeing him for a while) but anyway, we chatted a bit at this hot tub party and that was it. He added me on Facebook afterward and sent me an email which I never replied to because I was working two jobs and was a stressed out basket-case.

Maybe it was the booze or because I’m such a dork, but I wore my wig out. It is pretty realistic (which it should be – it was expensive!) so I wasn’t really worried about people knowing it was fake. Sure enough I got a few “Wow! Great hair!” comments from some of the staff.

So we’re sitting at a table when this really cute guy walks up to me and says: “Hey Alice! Long time no see, how are you?” and I’m basically stunned that he recognized me; in my wig, with different friends, in winter(ish) clothing when I had met him before for literally half an hour, four months ago.

Well, B wanted to chat so we went outside for a cigarette (me) and conversation (him) while I tried to apologize for being drunk as I stepped on his toes. Classy broad, party of one? Your table is ready.

Anyway I vaguely remember setting a date to go for coffee. Sure enough today he messaged me on Facebook asking how the rest of my night was. Thank god he didn’t see how the rest of my night was because it involved me lighting a cigarette in the bar in one of those long beatnik cigarette holders and getting told off by a bouncer, singing a song to Blondie which she is still making fun of me for and sloppily eating Thai Tai at the end of the night.

Come to think of it, maybe a guy with a great memory isn’t such a good thing? I guess I’ll find out, if only I could remember when I’m supposed to meet him for coffee.

16 responses

  1. One vote each for shy guys and guys with good memories.

  2. That sounds like a fantastic night! He sounds kinda like a Facebook stalker rather than a good memory. Good luck with that one.

  3. HAHA, facebook stalker.. thats a good point. my guess is that he is secretly in love with you. Play it cool Alice, play it cool.slopmaster

  4. Even though I don’t smoke, I’ve always wanted to try one of those beatnik cigarette holders. They seem to take the coolness of smoking to a whole other level.

  5. Shy guys with nice arms are ALWAYS winners.

  6. Ah, drunken memory loss. In the first few hours of the new millennium I had a drunken kissing session with a girl I’d had a crush on all the way through high school, and to this day have no recollection of it.

  7. My memory’s so lousy from the drink that I don’t even remember beginning this sentence.

  8. oooooh… I, too, am such a sucker for great arms!!

  9. Real classy.

  10. perhaps you’ve already stood him up . . .

  11. Wait you wore a wig and cmoekd a cigarette out of a holder?Welcome to 1936.

  12. I love a shy guy – that way they can listen to me talk! lol.No really, my husband is definitely the more reserved one – it’s a nice balance.

  13. Ah! You forgot the date? He sounds like a hottie (since I’m a sucker for arms, too), so keep chatting him up!

  14. It could have been worse. it could have ended with someone holding back your “hair” while you puked, your head slipping out and knocking yourself out cold on the rim of the toilet! Oh, and then, your expensive wig falling in to the bowl. All in all, I would call it a successful night!

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