Ups and Downs

Yesterday I had the strangest day ever. I woke up around 8:30 am and after laying in bed for ten minutes debating getting out of bed or knocking back some more cold medicine, my phone rang.

It was my mother who was calling to discuss our dinner plans for the evening and also to inform me that she’s filing for divorce from my dad. They’ve been married for 27 years. Now, we all have seen this coming for a long time.

Knowing somethings going to probably happen (for ten years) and it actually happening are different though. I actually wish they’d done it long ago so they could have both moved on by now. Word to the wise: there’s no point staying in a loveless marriage for the sake of your kids. They can tell that’s what you’re doing.

Anyway, I got off the phone and headed to work. I went to get breakfast at this little store and realized I didn’t have my cash on me and my debit card is being a little bitch (it’ll only work in ATMs) so I told the guy I’d be right back for my BLT Bagel and Latte.

I ran to the Restaurant to grab cash but when I headed back over to the breakfast place, the guy told me someone had already paid for it for me. I guess someone felt the need to up their Karma and chose me to do it for.

Whoever you are, thank-you! I really needed that.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your parents …Long time reader of the blog, actually a while back I wasted an entire day reading from the beginning to present so I didn’t miss anything. I spent a year working in Calgary so it’s interesting to hear about your adventures there.Keep your head up, and enjoy the free stuff πŸ™‚

  2. That was me, no problem, I put it on your tab.Sorry to hear about your folks, I hope everything works out for the better for everyone.

  3. *hugs* If I was in Calgary I’d do it in person! That kind of news never really leaves you feeling good. Expected or not.Keep on truckin’ I’m here for ya!

  4. My parents divorced once my brother and I had grown. We both thought it to be odd as they made it thru the hard part already. Hope it all works out. A secret admirer?

  5. Alice, sorry to hear about your parents.

  6. oh sweetheart. so sorry to hear about your parents. and like you said, even though you knew it was coming – having it actually happen, hearing the words – it’s a whole ‘nother story. so it turns out i’ll be in your hood in january, and i just so happen to have an extra ticket for an all-expense paid trip to tequilashotsville in averageland.i trust you’ll take me up on this offer.. πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m sorry about your parents. My parents got divorced when I was 17. Like someone else said, it was odd. Not very devastating, but odd.

  8. Tough news. I suspect I’d have gone with the cold medicine after that.But what an awesome story about your breakfast!

  9. Shitty news though…I hope they’re able to sort through it all without causing added stress to your life. And hey – did I miss the memo about you having work again?

  10. It’s been said, but I, too, am sorry about the news. My parents split when I was 18 after 24 years of marriage and no matter how old you are, it’s always difficult. I SO FUCKING AGREE about not staying in a loveless marriage. God. Seriously. I’d so much rather be happy alone than miserable with someone else.

  11. Alice;I too am sorry to hear of the news concerning your parents but there is a valid point here (that from time to time I babble on about) and it is never to stay with someone in a loveless miserable relationship for the sake of children. It is healthier for the children (no matter what age) to see their most loved ones happy. In the coming times there will be good days and bad days and of course there are so many of us out here to support you, just like this morning with your brekkie :). Stay positive hun.*hugs*

  12. Sorry to hear about your parents. Mine went through a divorce when I was 21, and it was hard for me at that age. I think it’s hard at any age. Good luck. Also, that is awesome of that person to pay for your food! Good karma for sure!

  13. Alice,I’m sorry to hear about your parents. I hope in the end, everyone is happier for it.

  14. That sucks about your parents, hopefully they will be able to move on and be much happier.What a bonus you got a free bagel!

  15. Sorry about your parents – you’re right knowing it’s coming really doesn’t help at all. That’s nice that somebody paid for your breakfast though!

  16. Sorry to hear about your parents. Mine divorced after 20+ years of marriage and, like yours, stayed together mostly for us kids. Even though it makes the most sense if they’re not happy, it’s still a tough thing to accept and get used to. I hope it all goes smooth and that it ends up being the best thing for everyone.

  17. What a conversation that must have been- “Hey what do you want to dinner for dinner bythewayyourdadandiaredivorcing.”

  18. I’m so sorry about your parents– that can be hard no matter the age or least you got a little pick me up– kudos to your mystery spender πŸ™‚

  19. What if you’re in a loveless non marriage?think about it.

  20. Awww… that is so cool. I love random acts of kindness!I’m really sorry to hear about your parents but I know what you mean about wishing they would just do it already (or ten yrs ago). You are so right about not staying in a marriage that you’re not willing to work on and fight for. What’s the fucking point?I’ve actually been thru three divorces now among my parents. The first was my mom and dad, I can’t even remember (and I’ve always said I’m lucky for that). The second was my mom’s second husband and the third was my dad’s second wife. Divorce is a bitch. It doesn’t matter how badly it’s needed or if you want it or not. My thoughts are with you and of course… if you ever need to talk… you know where to find me πŸ˜‰

  21. My best friend’s folks are doing the same thing right now. I get a lot of awkward calls at strange hours now. Hope it’s less weird than most of these late life divorces are.

  22. Wow! That’s so nice!Make sure you pass on the favor!

  23. I’m sorry to hear about your parents (although it’s something you believed should have already happened it’s still hard to deal with). The kindness of strangers really makes your heart melt, doesn’t it?πŸ™‚

  24. Sorry to hear about your parents. That must be weird to deal with at any age.

  25. Wow I’m sorry about your parents. That can’t be easy, even though it wasn’t out of left field. That was nice of the stranger though. Kind of like a little angel.

  26. I wonder who the stranger was. Maybe he was a hot dude! πŸ™‚Sucks about your folks though. I hope they find happiness apart.

  27. Hey Alice, sorry about your parents. I am a child of divorce too. And now my kids are..It’s a shitty cycle of crap and a rough ride, kid. Stay srong and try to stay out of it. Best of luck

  28. Totally inappropriate for this post, but since when have I ever been classy?I can’t believe I’m just now getting to your pictures now.I am in love with you.xoxo,so@24

  29. Sorry to hear about your parents. Not so sorry to hear about your bagel. It sounded delicious.

  30. Sorry to hear about… Wait, they’re my parents too! It is a weird feeling, isn’t it? Cool about the bagel though, that is something!

  31. you’re like even stevens… something bad happens (parents divorce), then something good happens (free food). see, it all evens out. plus now, when you get a divorce, you have someone to blame it

  32. Nothing better than a random act of kindness. I keep telling myself that I am going to pay for the person behind me in the drivethru sometime.

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