Throwing Money to the Wind

I stayed over at my parents house last night. I go over there every Sunday for dinner. Since my mother was making my Halloween costume I figured I’d help out. My sewing skills are pretty nonexistent. I don’t think I’ve even sewed my own buttons on in years.

Luckily I can cook, so I made some Beef Stroganoff which provides a hilarious platform for many stroking-off comments from you guys.

My younger sisters SL and SK have school in the mornings and my parents don’t really drive at night – not because they’re old but because they just don’t really want to. So I watched 40 Year Old Virgin with my mom (awkward?! Yes) and crashed there.

This morning my dad came down and, as he does every morning, turned on the stock channel. I don’t really get why you would want to start your day off all depressed and with thoughts of half your money basically burning in a fiery inferno (because it may as well be). Alas, he does.

Now I don’t know how many of you have RSPs or stocks or whatever, but I do. I’ve seen the steady decrease of my RSP savings from over $20,000 down to $14,000 and now at a depressingly low $8,000.

I know my loss is ridiculously low compared to the hundreds of thousands that other people are losing but at the same time, I’ve had an RSP since I was 19 and this last year I finally was able to start putting a large chunk in every month. Now I kind of feel like maybe sending my money to that nice Nigerian guy who emailed me may have been more worth it.

On the upside, now is the best time to be putting more cash into that money-sucking, depression-inducing system. That’s right; buy low, sell high – isn’t that what all those crazy stockbrokers say? Since the Canadian dollar is now worth less then a collection of toenails I may as well throw it all into my gold stocks.

If I’m going to be a millionaire by the time I’m thirty I better get cracking.

Then again I could always just invest all my money in Zoloft.

21 responses

  1. I think any time you lose over half of what you’ve saved, you can legitimately complain. I just wish I’d spent more money on drugs and prostitutes, so I could have gotten something for my money…like Superherpes.

  2. Action figures I believe are a safe investment bet.

  3. I gave like $200 to the king of nigeria…he never ever emailed me back.bastard

  4. Yeah I checked my retirement balance again today – I gotta stop doing that! It just keeps going down and it is depressing to me first thing in the morning.

  5. We’re young enough to not worry about it. Hence me putting all my 401k statments in a pile and burning them.I don’t mess around.

  6. Yeah, that Loonie sucks ass. When I proposed to Future Mrs Imaginary Reviewer last Christmas, the Canadian Dollar was nice and high and happy and bouncy and huzzah. “Let’s get married in Hawai’i!” we said. “That’ll be swell!”Now, with ten months to go before the wedding, our vendors are starting to ask for money. And for some reason, they’re getting a lot more of our Canadian dollars than we anticipated. Damn economy.

  7. i like rs27’s idea. i’ve been far too scared to READ my 401k statements; perhaps just burning them straight away would be more therapeutic 🙂

  8. average down.. buy buy buy..

  9. I know the feeling – if I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m thirty I have just over 11 months to win the lottery. Damn . . .

  10. It’s times like this when I’m glad I have no savings. Silver lining, you know.

  11. i’m already a billionaire so i have that going for me

  12. I heard a joke about investing in the stocks. How if you invested $1000 last year in various stocks they’d only be in the low hundreds now.But, if you bought $1000 in beer and recycled the cans, you’d have over $400.It’s called the 401-Keg plan.

  13. Just wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway! 🙂 Please email me your name and address at

  14. I was just thinking this past weekend I should invest in some gold. With lows must come highs, right?

  15. aww I had a cute picture in my mind imaging your mom making you a Halloween costume, a pumpkin or something very elementary school. Then I rememberd your post with your sexy Halloween outfits. My Asian mom would probably have a heart attack if I asked her to make me a sexy costume.Halloween traditions are different here in Asia. Cant wait to see it!!

  16. We lost money in the market so I can relate – it’s just infuriating….I’m right there with you on that zoloft stock!

  17. I’ve never felt so good about having no savings.

  18. Oooh, I want to know what your halloween costume is!

  19. Go for the Zoloft. It’ll be worth it.

  20. How easy was that recipe? I’m not kidding you, I came real close to cooking it myself this weekend.…I’m such an adult now…

  21. I loooooooove beef stroganoff, and I realized it’s been many years since I’ve made it myself. Thanks for the inspiration!Your mom is making your costume – that’s so retro! Can’t wait to see it.

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