Me Me Me Me!!!

You guessed it kids – it’s Meme time!

While I was off strolling around Vancouver, Victoria and Sidney (which isn’t where I live for anyone who was confused by the video. I was on vacation visiting Dizzy and her husband) I was tagged in two memes

The first is from Lydia at …Down the Rabbit Hole… wherein* you give 6 random facts about yourself.

1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is up

1. Okay so remember when I was all like wah-wah my life is going down the tubes? Poor me, I lost my job and all that stuff? Uh okay, so I’ve decided I’m going to write a book. I have all this free time now and the money from The Restaurant should keep me out of (in?) trouble and paying bills and stuff. Ben I’m volunteering you as my proof-reader and the book will be ready in about a year. I’m going to write a page a day as my goal and more if I feel like it. Kthxbai

2. I hate corn and water chestnuts. I got a water chestnut in my stir-fry the other day (stir-fry was fabulous Dizzy!!) and I had to spit it out. The texture makes me want to Vom. I also hate milk. We are the only animals that drink another species milk after infancy. Most people are born without the lipids to digest milk (hence all the lactose-intolerance’s) plus the taste/texture is awful. Yuck. That being said; I love cheese, yogurt and lattes. I’m weird.

3. I set my alarm for 9 am now that I’m unemployed. This is 2 and a half hours later then I would get up for The Company so it’s still sleeping in but I won’t get into being super lazy and sleeping until noon. Which is what I did today because it’s Saturday. Also, I got up at 5 am yesterday to drive 10 hours back home to Calgary – give me a break, holy fuck!

4. I’m sort of a “man-eater”. I never really thought much about my dating habits until that Nelly Furtado song came out and one of my girl friends yelled across a busy bar – “Hey Alice! It’s totally your song!” but I guess I sort of do get bored with men. Also, I don’t like clingy guys, not being able to go out with my girlfriends, having to call the guy all the time (or them calling me all the time), having set date-nights, romantic candles, cheesy love songs, jealousy, planning around someone else’ schedule…yuck and double yuck. I wonder why I’m still single…?

I have had my heart broken once and I did it to myself.

5. I have a stack of poker chips beside my computer. When I’m trying to get the right ideas out or just wondering what the hell I’m going to write about, I chip shuffle – it helps me think.

6. I organize my closets (I have two – one for dresses, one for skirts and blouses) by color. That way if I’m looking for a purple dress I know exactly where to go. Same with sweaters, skirts, tank tops and shirts. Yes I’m slightly anal-retentive and OCD runs in my family, thanks for asking!

I’m going to tag:


Dr. Zibbs (I need a professional opinion)

Lyla Lou
My sis, Dizzy
and my Imaginary Friend

Have a great weekend!

PS – I started a new blog about eating healthy and losing ten pounds so if anyone is trying to do the same check it out and we can encourage each other to be healthy by e-mailing pictures of pigs wearing dresses and hippopotamuses eating cheese curds to each other. Or something.

*I don’t know the correct usage of that word exactly but it makes me sound smart so I’m using it

11 responses

  1. Thanks Alice but I’ve already been tagged. I’ll be writing that post next week. Also, sounds great about a book. What’s it going to be about?

  2. wooohooo. alice is entering authorland.

  3. I also have two closets – one for my skirts, one for my latent homosexual tendencies.

  4. For some reason my internet connection is so slow tonight that i’ve had to wait nearly five mins for the comment page to load!!! Grrr.Anyway, your idea of writing a book intrigued me, obviously this is something i’ve dabbled with on and off, but i never thought of it as writing a page a day – man, that is TOTALLY do-able in a year!!!

  5. Job gladly accepted!

  6. i’ve done this particular meme like a squillion times.twas fun, wasn’t it?

  7. I and my Ivy League English degree (ooh arrogance is sexy) would be honored to edit your book. 🙂 Meme tag? I’m stoked!

  8. haha i organize my closet like that too. everythign is color coordinated. i have 2 closets as well, once for mid length tops and the other for full length (dresses and coats). I just checked out your other blog, gluck on the diet!

  9. Alice – I am so proud of you! You finally did your Meme 🙂 So don’t feel bad because I also slept in until noon on Saturday – it was an amazing 10 hour rest! In my single days I was once called a “man-eater” – I was even lucky enough to be given a picture of a shark eating a man. Lucky me! P.S. Milk is disgusting!

  10. Good for you on the book idea! I totally think you should do it, but you know that. I’m a pretty decent proofreader too (I loved that part of my last job), so am volunteering if you need any more help.

  11. Water chestnuts look & taste like raw potato slices.I don't like them either.

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