The Age-Old Dilemna

A bunch of super wicked awesome (enough adjectives for you?) bloggers got together and started a blog called Fire That Agency to deal with adverse advertisers, crappy commercials and morose marketers (I dunno what the fuck is wrong with me today, sorry).

Anyway check it out, and while you’re there check out my contribution (which you may have already read way back in June if you were with me then).

But before you do that, enjoy this age-old question from SaN:


Hello Darlings, San here from Stilettos and Nostalgia filling in for Alice while she cavorts around….er…..where is she again?

Anyway, glad to be of service in this job-themed blog post week. My most recent job-related dilemma is one I’m currently facing: the trade-off between money and quality of life.

Observe: I, hardworking graduate student with a burning desire to move back to Europe, recently landed my dream job with a top 5 consulting firm across the pond. This is a position toward which I’ve geared my entire recruitment efforts, on which I spend way too many hours practice interviewing and combing job postings to see if there was a chance for me.

Then, in June, I had a breakthrough: the company with which I have only dreamed of working had an opening that matched my degrees and skills. Hooray! But then I saw the offer and had second thoughts.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself: this woman is insanely shallow – who cares about the money? Get over it! But when you have the joyous burden of tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loan debt, you tend to look at the world a bit more……..materialistically?

So now I am torn. The job comes with everything I want in terms of quality of life, including 30 paid vacation days and the chance (FINALLY!) to be living with Marco.

Yet I’m worried that my starting salary now will determine my earning potential in the future, and that if I do not start high enough I may never make up the difference – especially as a woman.

So I ask you now, dear faithful Alice followers, what do you think I should value?

7 responses

  1. Does this fabulous job with shitty salary have potential for advancement? If so, go for it. I mean, you say this job has everything you want-great quality if life, 30 paid vacation days, etc. Sound like a no-brainer. If you absoultely need to supplement the shitty salary get a part time job bartending or something like it until you climb the corporate ladder. I dont know if I agree with you that this will determine you future earning potential-are we talking entry level? You have much time to prove your worth-woman or not!!

  2. so i’m currently doing a course on ‘prep for your business career’ anddd i’m on the chapter about finding your minor and major motivators. there are so many different types of people, looking for different things from their jobs. personally, i will always take a position where i believe in the company, and where i have creative freedom than somewhere that is paying me the big bucks. that isn’t true for everyone, but in your situation, it sounds like taking the job is worth it. the quality of life factor is HUGE. and think about it – you are going to be getting SO MUCH EXPERIENCE there. if you aren’t getting the raises you want in the future, take your experience elsewhere and find a company that will pay you more 🙂whatever you decide, i wish you the best of luck!!

  3. Quality of Life, definitely! Until the burden of money starts to affect that quality of life, of course. But, you’ll get valuable experience that no one can take away from you. JMO

  4. Are you being paid in euros/pounds or dollars? Have you already taken that into account?I have a friend who is benefiting greatly from the exchange rate and has paid off a lot of his loans because of it.Even if it’s still crappy including the exchange rate, I would still take it. Your experience over there will help you in the long run with getting jobs back in the states and it will open up better opportunities. If you love doing it, you will succeed.

  5. I would definitely take it. Don’t let money stop you.

  6. Thanks for the post – loved it ;>Just listen to your heart (Pocahontas style)

  7. Thanks for the advice. It helps much more than you know.

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