When Your Boss is More…

This guest post brought to you by (Un)Popular at Back by (Un)popular Demand (If anyone has the new link, I can’t seem to find it?!)

I did what everyone tells you not to do, and I dipped my pen in the company ink. Translation: I banged my boss.

I dated my higher-up. As the relationship got serious, we decided to move in together. As we were looking at apartments, I realized that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t move in with him. I couldn’t even be with him any longer. All he did was whine about every place we looked at, every town we visited, every restaurant we ate at, every thing, all the time. The final straw was when he got drunk and accused me of sleeping with another co-worker! Geez, I’m not that big of a whore…

After I dumped his ass, I had to see him at work. Our offices were right across from each other, and to top it off we had window walls. Yes, we could see each other from our desks. Well, this mutherfucker put up a poster on his window. Not that I wanted to see him, but I guess I was just mad that I hadn’t thought of putting something up to block the view before he did.

It was kind of weird taking my assignments into him for review, but I sucked it up, walked into his office, and got the job done. Yet he refused to work with me like well; he didn’t make eye contact; he kept it very short, and I felt that it compromised the team work and communication of our staff.

My favorite example of his immaturity and unprofessionalism was when he started leaving post-it notes on my desk every time I was out of my office. This a-hole would wait until I left my office and then run in and put a post-it note with a task or assignment on it for me. These little notes were detailed too, so he obviously took the time to write everything down and wait for the few minutes that I would leave my desk to sneak in and tape it up to my monitor.

After our project was complete, we both moved onto other job sites within the company. I heard that the other men would ask him questions about how I was in bed.


8 responses

  1. sounds like his pussy hurts. 🙂

  2. I used to work in a really big company and it came out that one of the VP (who was making about $250,000 per year) was sleeping with a warehouse guy (that was making about $19,000 per year). Talk about a scandal.

  3. now you know that only a jerk would try to hit on the people he manages :P. good thing you didn’t have to work together for long!

  4. Oh my goodness! How immature!!!

  5. what a pussy. I bet he told everyone that you were bad in bed, just to make you look bad for dumping his ass.

  6. I used to date my boss, too, which always seems like a good idea until the moment it isn’t, and then it seems like the worst idea you’ve ever had.

  7. I dated my boss once – worst. idea. ever. He wasn’t my boss when we started dating but then in a weird twist of events, he was.

  8. Do men ever grow up? Do they? DO they?That’s bullshit, but you rock for having the balls (more than he obviously) to be civil.

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