I’m Not That Technologically-Impaired

Ok guess what? I figured out how to make a video blog – I know, right? I have a feeling it may be too late for the 20sb Official Vlog Thingy but oh well.

Here it is:

Sorry about the shitty quality – this is my first foray into the world of Video-Blogging

Oh yes, I’m also supposed to answer some questions:

Hypothetically, if I wrote a book about my life so far, I would call the first Chapter:

“You Did What?!” Pretty self explanatory

As for the most recent Chapter it would be called “Quarter Life Crisis’ and Other Fun Times”

Aaaand for a story about me: see the post below!!

Does anyone know how I get the actual video on here instead of the stupid linky-thingy?


Update: Mmmkay so my sisters fabulous husband showed me how to upload it to my blog, holy hell was this a lot of work – so next time I’ll be a pro…or sit in a corner crying while all the other kids point and laugh. Either way.

17 responses

  1. Cute! Thanks for showing me Mt Baker, the Island and all the fall colours! Makes me miss wonderful old Vancouv…

  2. Aw I love it! Sidney is a fun little town and I do miss it at times. You’ve shown off some of the really great parts about it.

  3. You used Coldplay as background music?!?! You are officially my favourite person.

  4. Wow…you put effort in with your music and your photos and your transitions! You went all out, fancy pants

  5. You’re so adorable! And I’m jealous of your techy ways.Grumble GrumbleCan I be cool by association?

  6. so – people like to read a lot there? that’s so cute, i’ve always dreamed of living somewhere with little bookshops (one of them being my own). great post!

  7. Thank you for leaving a comment on my page 🙂 Let me guess… you love books? 😛

  8. Alice – you have such a sexy voice!

  9. Hands down the BEST video of vlog day

  10. I really enjoyed this VLOG, seems like such a lovely place and cute town. but your also seemed kind of eerie and empty with only that one old guy in the maroon shirt..where were all the people? I think your town needs another bookshop by the way 😉

  11. There needed to be some more aboots and ehs…I love Canada or wherever that is

  12. ugh, Quarter Life Crisis …been there! …but no one believed me 🙂Sidney by the Sea is beautiful …but shit it has a ton of book stores.

  13. I was hoping for a thick Canadian accent too. Maybe a shot of you throwing down some Molsons near the hockey pond or something. Still, nice work.

  14. very impressive! why do they call it book town? (thats a joke by the way)

  15. I loved it! And all the music and transitions… wow, are you trying to impress me, lady? Nice work!

  16. Wow you’re vlog is so hi-tech! I’m impressed! Very cute. 🙂

  17. dude! your tech skills IMPRESS ME. i had to use blogger uploader (which failed me TWICE while uploading) to get my stupid vlog onto my blog. i hope you took notes while fabulous husband was teaching you. cause i need them for the future.anyway, super lovely video. enough ocean and sunshine (vancouvrites always block the days of rain out of our memory.. rain? what rain?) to make you want to move here yet? i know calgary is definitely yee-haw fun and all, but vancouver is where it’s at.

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