In the Cube

Thanks to PJ from It is what it is, sometimes. for this reminder that having weekends off is great

I sit here in my cube.
My life sucking cube.
I love my cube.
I embrace my cube.

The most creativity I have had all day is the moment I decided to hit the return key after each line to start this post. Yep, that’s it. My biggest decision of the day. Paragraph or one liners….aaaaarrrgh….

What to do, what to do? It is a tough life of a cuber, and the lowest cuber of em all….. I almost can’t say it–i am, a Saturday morning cuber. Oh yeah, its out there. I cube on Saturdays! Hunched over at my desk typing away on my crackberry… Hitting my new addiction, blogging. Blogging from the cube on a sat am. BANG.

Actually, it is afternoon by now, I am just in my own little cuberfog* that sets in on Saturdays… It is thick and knocks your senses askew. I shake my head, and say ‘ come on pj get in the game ‘. The cuberfog has over taken me. I think it is sat?!?!

The fog is thick, and makes it hard to think. The phones ring constantly and I talk without really being involved in the conversation, on autopilot as they say. People ask questions and I answer them, yet have no idea what is really going on. I can only see heads popping up above the cubicals, no bodies, just little heads bumping up and down as they talk. It seems so busy in here, lots of hustle and bustle, yet it just doesn’t seem like much gets done.


I hope someone tells me when it is time to leave.

Well, enjoy your day out there. I can see you running on the grass, having your picnics, eating ice cream, frolicking (sp), playing games and having fun– I see you. I am watching. I am not bitter by any means…. I laughed at myself as I wrote that – I AM BITTER REALLY REALLY BITTER.

Go cubers go!! Who cubes on Sat, I cube on Saturdays!! Put your hands in the air and raise em like you just don’t care… Currently, I am raising the roof in my cube- that is how I do it. I am going to start a cube wave in a half hour, it is going to be cuberriffic!

Maybe I will start a cubnoxious chain e-mail– those are always fun. If you don’t send this to 8,000 people you will have bad luck. As you can see spending too much time in your cube has a negative effect on your sanity.

* you know when you are physically at work, but mentally you just haven’t punched in yet.

3 responses

  1. I tell cubers that want to brighten up their days to read my blog. Everybody’s doin it.

  2. I’m a fan of the cube wave

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