Traveling: Good for the Soul. Good for the Career.

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When I decided to become a teacher, I figured that this decision would be met by my entering a world where all things were fair in love and landing a job.

A world where the day was not only spent teaching math and language but also teaching how to say please and thank you and learning that we wait for our turns. In the line for the water-fountain and in the line for landing a job.

Little did I know, teaching wasn’t void of the harsh realities of the working world where it all had to do with the people you knew, not the skills you had. I learned about this fast though. Thank God because if I hadn’t, I’d still be waiting in the line for “permanent hire.”

I worked for two years covering for maternity leaves thinking that I should land a job no problem with my principal. What I didn’t know was that his friends daughter had just graduated and it was more important for her to get a permanent position in the school board before I did. Me … the person who had been working there for longer than she had.

Needless to say, this pissed me off in a big fucking way. I was so livid. The inner brat in me wanted to bang my fists on my desk and throw the mother of all temper tantrums. But instead, I learned how to play the game. I learned that I could be the most talented teacher out there who was loved by all her students and their parents … but that it wouldn’t mean shit if I didn’t have a personal connection with the man who held my professional fate in his hands. My principal.

So I did what any girl hungry for a secure job would do. I went on vacation with my boss. And wouldn’t you know? I got a permanent job just one month later!

Now it wasn’t that kind of vacation. There were no extra-marital ANYTHING involved. In fact, his wife and daughter came too. Along with about 10 other people. It was a tour in southern Italy which he planned and guided. It was a no brainer for me. It was like killing two birds with one stone: Me taking a much needed vacation and me landing a much needed permanent job.

Unfortunately, the land of the time-sheets is not a pleasant one. And it’s almost like a mirage … something you’re pretty sure you see but once you reach out to try and take hold of it, it disappears.

I knew what I had to do. And I went for it. As sad as it sounds (Hi, my name is EM and I got a job because I went on vacation with my boss!), I don’t care because I did what I had to do. And no sexual favours were needed.

9 responses

  1. Politics suck – even in the education system. In fact, they seem more prominent there than in the corporate world. Many of my friends and relatives are teachers. The stories they tell about finding that elusive first job always seem to involve v.personal politics. At least you got the job – and a vacation!

  2. High-five for guest posting about traveling today!We’re awesome. And twins.Awesome twins.

  3. Wow – a vacation to get a job. I think that is the best idea I’ve ever heard.

  4. all I can think about right now is a mediterranean cruise – I wanna go on a mediterranean cruise.

  5. Does he know that’s why you went on vacation with him?:):):)

  6. You have been tagged! I hope you play!! Rules are on my blog!!

  7. So many of my teacher friends tell similar stories.

  8. craziness. unfortunately in architecture it’s all about who you know and how well you schmooze as well. *le sigh*at least you got to see some of italy without a side of creepy boss hitting on you.

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