All Hallow’s Eve

I will take any excuse I can to get dressed up. I love costumes, I love Halloween and wearing skimpy clothes that you can totally get away with. It’s completely socially acceptable to look like a tramp on Halloween.

A few years ago I was a French Maid:

Last year I was the Queen of Hearts:

As you can see, my stance in pictures doesn’t vary much although my hair color does.

Just to cement my love of dressing up, I also went as a Playboy Bunny while we were houseboating this year:

Again, same stance…different hair.

Of course, since we will all use any excuse we can to dress up, there was the “P” party where Blondie, Curly and I went as Private Investigators:

So, as you may have guessed, I am super excited about Halloween this year. My lovely mother designs half my costumes (she sewed the Queen of Hearts from scratch using only a picture I printed off the internet) so this year, we’re going to be madly sewing away in Victoria.

But first, I have to decide what to be….

31 responses

  1. HOT and sexy, wow the bunny outfit.I never done a sexy outfit for halloween, but now I want to. Last year I was Morticia Adams, not very original but we are bit behind the times when it comes to halloween in Asia. I want to got to the states for Halloween

  2. Sexy costumes! When I want to be sexy on Halloween I usually go as a mummy to de-emphasize my physical deformities.

  3. I could never pull off those outfits. I’d probably chicken out at the last second and go run and get a cardigan to wear on top.

  4. I was so hoping the stockings would be a staple in each costume, making an awkward but yet acceptable appearance even for the Playboy Bunny.

  5. Looking good. I went as a woman years ago and let me tell you that everyone told me I had great legs.

  6. Wow. So much effort for Hallowe’en! Am so pleased that us Brits don’t celebrate the holiday!

  7. Niiiice…I’ve never had the tits to pull off outfits like that…I’m jealous.

  8. Wow, these are hot. I’ve never been a Hallowe’en party where people dressed like this…but then, I’ve only ever been to one Hallowe’en party in my life. Maybe this year, eh?

  9. Ok, I just went into hottie overload … I think some part of my brain just melted down … must … refocus … on … work … must … dAMn!

  10. Are you kidding? Your Queen of Hearts costume looks profesisonally made! WOW! Your mom should start a business!I’m going as a sexy skeleton this year. TOTALLY cute costume with a low-cut mini dress with a skeleton printed on it. Taking a standard “scary” costume and sexing it up!

  11. Ow ow! Lookin’ good, Alice. 🙂This year, I’m going as a Gold Digger. Tight, short, skimpy gold dress with two gold shovels attached to the pockets, a dollar sign necklace, and a gold miner’s hard hat. Feel free to borrow the idea if you like. 🙂

  12. Jesus. I thought I was visiting Maxim magazine’s web site by accident just now.

  13. Wow. Nicely done. And I’m glad you finally ditched the “black bar over your eyes” part of the costumes. That wasn’t really much of a diguise anyway.

  14. I love the stance in all the pictures – I still need to decide on a costume too. Too bad my mother doesn’t like to sew me costumes 😦

  15. I’m loving the costumes!! What are you going to be this year?BTW I have the same stance and picture face in like every picture…I insist on being on the left side and have the same toothy grin in every pic.You gotta stick with what looks best, right?

  16. I LOVE your costumes! I cant wait for Halloween, this year I am being a vampire. Haloween is my favorite holiday, so im defintlly looking forward to it

  17. ALICE HAS A FACE =)i could be wrong, making me a BBF (bad blog friend) but i think this is the first time without some pretty black paint covering parts of your face!i LOVE the costumes. and i cannot believe your mom made the queen of hearts one. it’s fab!i adore halloween for the same reasons, and will soon do a post of my costumes from the past few years =)

  18. Wow, isn’t your mum a clever one!Awesome costuming, I must say…I have no original ideas for you unfortunately, but I think you’ll think of something AWESOME.

  19. I think halloween for ladies just means free to dress slutty, so just be a bellhop, or ups guy… Whatever it is just put the word slutty in front of it, show some skin and u are good to go.

  20. I HEART The Queen of Hearts costume! Looks great! All things considered, I think you are practically obligated to do an inappropriate Palin costume!

  21. Sizzling hot!! Can’t wait for Halloween!! BTW-How was the date???

  22. Damn!Well. Uh, hold on, I’m going to look at your pics again.I got nothing.

  23. I too am a huge fan of halloween! Except I’m not lucky enough to know anyone who can sew/make clothing… well I’m sure people could try but I’d end up with a sack. Sack = not sexy

  24. DEAR GOD WITH THE HOTNESS.I may switch teams.

  25. I usually dress up as a guy ogling girls dressed up like you. It’s a very difficult costume to put together.

  26. Because I find you very interesting, I took a chance and decided to tag you for six random facts. Rules on my blog if you want to play.

  27. your eyes… seem different tho.

  28. How about Palin the Pirate? I’m not sure if the eye patch should go over or under the glasses though.

  29. holy moly!

  30. You my lady just made the cut for the TBY calendar. See my blog for details.

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